Less than a week after the Fringe Festival closed, local Adelaide creative workspace The Mill has embraced new creators and their inspirational collaborative exhibition titled, The Painter and Performance Artist.

The creative showcase, built from the skills developed by painter Ruby Chew and performance artist Ida Sophia will subvert the normal expectations from each creative process in their performance, the show itself built upon the idea of exhibiting the methods and development.

“Our objective is to subvert the normal system of an exhibition; how it is prepared, presented and received. Through this we will develop new theoretical underpinnings for our practices, birthed through process. The process is the exhibition,” the creative pair’s artist statement reads.

While present in the gallery over the first period of the exhibition, this experimental work will see artists respond to weekly provocations traded in sealed envelopes.

The final two weeks will remain as a static exhibition for audiences to view the work produced during the first period.

Both creators have a broad range of experience in their respective fields and are eager to experiment through their showcase.

The Painter and Performance Artist exhibition opens on the 7th of April, finishing on the 14th with tickets available from The Mill’s website.

By Megan Dickerson