Ben Stewart launched out of lockdown for an intimate evening at Jive, performing works from Slowly Slowly and a couple of covers for good measure.

With a stellar opener by Anna Jay, an Adelaide singer who delivered clean, angelic vocals and honest songs about the ups and downs of life and mental health battles, the evening was already promising a top notch musical exhibition.

Ben opened his set with ‘Creature of Habits Part I’ and it was clear this show was not going to be like Slowly Slowly’s usual gigs.

As a solo show, it was already intimate and personal, but with the song line up and warm banter, Ben had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand.

We were treated to a range of favourites, including ‘Russian Roulette’ from Ben’s solo project Congrats, and he finished the set with ‘Race Car Blues.’

The more intimate setting meant the crowd could be more involved, with Ben getting a young woman, Ayla, up to play the kazoo for the his most well-known song, ‘Ten Leaf Clover’ before a cheeky rendition of happy birthday song to Ayla and this writer.

A spontaneous encore of ‘PMTWGR’ inspired even more love from the audience and it was very clear no one wanted the night to end.

Hopefully we will see more intimate shows from Slowly Slowly, because this truly was a night to remember.

Words and pictures by Skye Sampson