Guy Ritchie brings his brand of macho action and tongue-in-cheek wit to Wrath of Man, his latest suspenseful action film.

When a recruit starts at Fortico, an armoured vehicle company transporting vast sums of cash to a secure facility in Los Angeles, suspicions are raised when his highly developed gun skills save staff and the cash on board a truck from an armed robbery.

Jason Statham plays H, the protagonist – a stoic Brit with an axe to grind. But against who? His performance is what most people have come to except from Statham as he is basically typecast into the role of laconic tough guy.

Holt McCallany is Bullet, the welcoming colleague who takes H under his wing and advocates for him when people are getting wary.

Josh Hartnett is the comic relief as Boy Sweat Dave whose false bravado is shook when faced with real danger.

Scott Eastwood takes a turn as cold-hearted and greedy ex-military man, Jan.

The clever storyline and plot of the film unfolds through flashbacks and flash forwards giving away snippets of H’s past and allowing us to understand where his wrath is coming from.

Culminating in an all-out gun-fight crescendo (would you expect any less?) – it’s the quintessential vengeful crime thriller that is reminiscent of 90’s films of the same ilk.

 It’s classic, gritty Ritchie with dry humour added to contrast some of the dark themes of the film. Not as impressive as The Gentlemen, but entertaining nonetheless.

***1/2 Three and a half stars