Kicking off the Moro Spanish Film Festival is Rosa’s Wedding, (La boda de Rosa), the heart-warming Spanish comedy/drama: the story of a woman who has spent her life putting everyone else first.

Rosa can’t say no. Not to her demanding brother, not to her ailing father, not to her daughter, her workmate, her neighbour’s plants or her friend’s cat.

Written and directed by Icíar Bollaín, Rosa’s Wedding follows the stalwart Rosa (played achingly beautifully by Candela Peña), a seamstress on the cusp of her 45th birthday. After the loss of her mother, finds herself caring the others around her while pushing her own dreams aside. When her father, (the irrepressible Ramón Barea) suggests he moves into her tiny, sparse apartment, Rosa has a breakthrough. She packs her car (and the cat), throws caution to the wind and heads to her mother’s hometown, where she thinks of pursuing her dream of starting her own business.

Surprising everyone, Rosa declares she is getting married. Soon after she is joined by her seemingly self-absorbed brother Armando (Sergi López), her party-loving sister Violeta (Nathalie Poza) and her daughter Lidia, a new mother of twins who is struggling to find peace (played by Paula Usero). With her family unknowingly throwing up obstacles at every turn, Rosa plans her perfect wedding—give or take a few minor details.

A heart-warming, hilarious rollick that is as poignant as it is playful, Rosa and her joyously dysfunctional family take the audience on a journey of self-discovery, love and saying yes.

4.5 stars

By Leila Hallak-Low

The Moro Spanish Film Festival 2021 runs until 16 May 2021, with further screenings
of Rosa’s Wedding a variety of films to make you laugh, cry and
everything in between. Tickets and information are available from the Palace