On the banks of the Rymill Park Lake in Gluttony, a fantastical world awaits. Mermaids have taken over the surrounding area, and they want to play. There are a range of characters to meet including Business Mermaid, Trash & Treasure Queen, Bubbles and Punk-rock Rebel Mermaid.

Upon entry, scanning a QR code brings up a scavenger hunt to solve by asking the mermaids for clues. Can you find a rubber duck? Where are the largest pearls in the world? Spot treasure chest full of gold!

Business Mermaid types away at her desk, answering calls on her rotary phone and write post-it notes to send to the other mermaids and to help you on your quest. Trash and Treasure Mermaid has many stories to share and trinkets aplenty. Bubbles can show you a few tricks with his bathtub and knows the secrets of the sea. Punk-rock Rebel Mermaid floats on the lake in her own contraption.

Participants are encouraged to chat away with the mermaids, have a laugh and interact over the course of half an hour. Inexpensive and suitable for people of all ages, you can take the kids to see mermaids in the wild or if you’re an adult looking for a bit of whimsy in your life.

Natural Habitat – Mermaids of Rymill Park will be at Gluttony every weekend and public holiday during the Adelaide Fringe. You can pick up your tickets here.

3.5 stars ***1/2