ADELAIDE FRINGE REVIEW: Briefs: Club Culture Cabaret, 2022

Briefs: Club Culture Cabaret is the latest (and only) instalment from the iconic Briefs Factory that you’ll see at this years Adelaide Fringe Festival via The Arts Theatre.

Briefs Factory has produced some iconic showstoppers including what they are most famously known for – project Briefs! This award-winning company’s work also includes Club Briefs, The Second Coming and Brat Kids Carnival and now Briefs: Club Culture Cabaret

Briefs: Club Culture Cabaret boasts A-list first nations artists, performers, music, cabaret, burlesque, iconic circus and comedy!

Unfortunately, what I imagined may have been the result of a few behind the scenes mishaps and last minute pull-outs Briefs: Club Culture Cabaret delivered spoken word poetry, music and drag!

The First Nations performers and artists of colour that performed however, were extremely talented and managed to deliver something unique and special!

Briefs: Club Culture Cabaret host and MC for the evening Kween Kong (everybody say yaaaaas) served us Drag-the-house-down-boots! Kween Kong (Instagram: @kweenkongoffical) serves us proud South Pacific drag, dance, high energy performance and stunts throughout the evening as well as big show stopping closer!

Some of the other performers were First Nations Ngarrindjeri/Gunditjmara woman Katie Lee (Instagram: @klaspelxo) who beautifully debuted her original song ‘Chewing Gum’ which very poetically delivers the middle finger to f**k boys throughout her song!

Bior The Poet (Instagram: @biorthepoet) brought some haunting, raw and honest spoken word poetry to the stage detailing his experience coming to Australia and leaving his family behind. Bior also advocates self-love and the true meaning of identity, purpose and inner strength!

SirLinski Styles (Instagram: @sirlinskistyles) delivered us some drag KING energy with more props and muscle tops than you could poke a stick at.

Other notable performances were from Ngarrindjeri artist Ellie May Lovegrove (Instagram: @elliel_21) who had nothing short of a voice gifted from the angels (or a dodgy deal with Eursula). First Nations artist Rob Edwards (Instagram: @redwards7) also had a voice gifted from the Gods and gave us a spellbinding rendition of Men at Works – Down Under which made us develop a weird yet romantic attachment to a man in Brussels who was six foot four and full of muscle!

Briefs: Club Culture Cabaret is a beautiful celebration of First Nations performers and artists of colour! I will say though, if you’re expecting your usual ‘Briefs’ experience – think again!

3.5 Stars