In the new Adelaide Fringe venue, West Village, Scottish magician/comedian Kevin Kopfstein astounded an intimate crowd with his latest show Kevin Kopfpstein: Smoke & Mirrors.

With an act that involved crowd participation from almost every crowd member, Kopfstein manages to tread the fine line of providing adult humour to a family friendly show. Many of Kopfstein’s jokes were cheesy in the best way possible and complimented the assortment of magic tricks performed.

From sleight-of-hand card tricks to illusionary gags, Kopfstein’s casual nature belied the expert quality of the tricks.

It’s easy to see how Kopfstein has been a sell-out at previous Fringe shows and across the globe. You can tell his blend of humour and magic has been honed over many years to find the right balance for audiences of all ages.

There were shocks, laugh out loud moments and a vast variety of props used including (but by no means limited to) potatoes, balloons, cardboard boxes, water, walnuts, a monkey skeleton and a creepy doll name Harriet.

With a spooky twist at the climax of the performance, Kevin Kopfstein: Smoke & Mirrors is recommended for anyone who loves a good dad joke with a marvellous twist.

Kevin Kopfstein: Smoke & Mirrors is at the West Village, Mercury Cinemas until Sunday, March 20. Get your ticket here.

**** Four stars.