It’s not every day we see a young man paying tribute to his Mother, but Port Augusta based artist Dre Ngatokorua [AKA MozZi], bases his whole Fringe show on this very thing.

MoZzi X Inkatja: A New Moon is a multimedia show playing at tech-forward Adelaide arts venue The Lab, where animation of paintings, music and photographs take the audience through a touching story of the life of MoZzi’s mum Lavene Ngatokorua or Inkatja. 

Following the life of a young Aboriginal woman trying to find her identity between two, often clashing and contradictory, worlds in regional South Australia, the celebration of a continuation of traditions of oral storytelling were very apparent and special.

The large wrap around screens of The Lab keeps the audience present, drawing them in to the quiet moments in the piece.

I felt the sincere and earnest desire of these two artists to express this big story, which encompasses the law, stolen generations, faith and identity. 

Through MozZi’s work we are shown an insight into the world of Aboriginal women, but most of all we feel his obvious pride and love for his Mother. 

“I come from a place of big stories. Inkatja’s story is about a strong Aboriginal woman; a community leader, but in a A New Moon, I get to share my story about her and how I see her: as my mum,” Dre ‘MoZzi’ Ngatokorua says.

MoZzi X Inkatja: A New Moon is a smart choice of show for The Lab’s Adelaide Fringe programming, and the large screens offer an intimate, immersive experience. 

The show is on for the duration of Fringe and you can book HERE.

5 stars

By Nat Rogers