ADELAIDE FRINGE REVIEW: That 90s Show: Unplugged, 2022

Smells Like Teen Spirit? Smells just like 90’s nostalgia!

Calling all Millennials who are past due for some quote unquote “real” music and a throw back to acid wash denim, choker chains and hyper-colour tees to set the mood in Gluttony 2022.

That 90s Show: Unplugged will give you your 90’s fix and allow you to get your headbanging on to all the well worn classics!

At this years Adelaide Fringe Festival you and your best Judy’s can vibe out on some grouse throwbacks delivered to you by a live 90’s cover kicker!

If you’ve missed live music and much like Kevin Bacon in Footloose have forgone dancing for too long you’ll thoroughly enjoy That 90s Show: Unplugged!

This show gives Radioheads the opportunity to both dance and sing simultaneously (whilst embarrassing yourself) in the backend of Gluttony at The Moa. Attendees are encouraged to belt out the classics and cut some grass whilst sipping on cheap bubbly!

Lead singstress Rachel Vidoni is the real point of difference when it comes to cover bands alike as she delivers some undeniable vocal prowess. These cover songs are both elegantly and celestially rendered to allow for both sentimentality and rejoice!

Whilst your guaranteed a fun night to the likes of Massaoke I will admit that the backdrop of a big production for this show may not impart the same feeling as its predecessor staged in a more intimate setting. The smaller scale delivery of That 90s Show: Unplugged fostered a more collective sensation of unity and spirit (teen spirit).

Nonetheless, this was a great show for Fringe-goers to relish in a blast from the past and let their hair down! Enjoy the ride and check out That 90s Show: Unplugged!

4 Stars.