Fresh new single ‘Washer’ is released and ready to wear

New from the Tryouts, ‘Washer’ has just dropped and recounts duo Chelsea and David’s first song writing experience together, out the back of an LA Airbnb, sitting on an old washing machine.  

Recorded by Shaun Gaida (The Mountains, East Journey, Tiger Widow, Jones Rival), and mixed/produced by Andrew Edgson (Matt Corby, 5 Seconds of Summer, The Kite String Tangle), the buoyant and playful song is an earworm and has been streamed across national airways.

The couple, comprising drummer Chelsea Reed and guitarist/keys player David Macmichael, has been compared to the famous resonances of San Cisco, The Jungle Giants, Wafia and Kira Piru, with the pair saying their debut single was one of the best artistic experiences they’ve had.

“Hands down the funnest writing and recording sessions I’ve ever had! Jack Moffitt was a dream to work with and his bass playing shaped the whole feel of the songs,” David says. “We wanted to challenge ourselves to making a band that could be serious without taking itself too seriously by combining our styles and approaches as songwriters.  Like usual I’d say we failed miserably.”

A true love story, The Tryouts fell in love and tied the knot aboard when Chelsea asked David to marry her or never see her again as her visa was running out. 

“A love story that incorporates the washing machine with the addition of a dryer which had a vital part in the Tryouts song writing process. It tells a story and feels as though you’re almost there with them embracing every wash of the indie duet,” David says. 

Stream ‘Washer’ now and put it on reverse cycle to listen to it over and over again.