Finest Filth celebrates birthmas with a smorgasbord of Queer treats

This month, Finest Filth is bringing a month of birthday celebrations to My Lover Cindi to mark their first birthday.

Fabulously filthy local, intersectional, queer and feminist artists from Kaurna Yerta/Adelaide will present stunning works of cabaret, cartwheels, stand up, burlesque, and Drag Kings and Queens.

“Each night at The Finest Filth Variety Hour we bring you an abundance of incredible acts to feast on! You’ll see Come get filthy in this inclusive, queer, feminist, and accessible love fest! You’ll leave feeling fabulous and thirsty for more!” Producer and Host Annie Schofield says.

Annie established The Finest Filth Variety Hour in 2021 to create a safe and inclusive space for artists to showcase their art and for audiences to appreciate it.

“Someone wise once said, ’give it glitter, give it sparkle, give it glam, it’ll get attention’. We deliver hard on the first three, so now we’re asking you for attention,” says Annie.

Here’s what’s on the menu:

The Finest Filth Variety Hour – September 16th 7pm

At this special two hour event of the Finest Filth Variety Hour you can enjoy seven fabulous acts to feast on hosted by Annie Schofield

Queer Bingo Fundraiser – September 22, 7pm

You + Bingo + Prizes + Rosie Russell hosting + Burlesque performer Sebastion Wolf guest hosting= Sounds Gay, I’m in!

The Finest Filth Queer Comedy Night – September 30, 7.30pm

We’re here, we’re Queer and we’re funny as F**K! See you at the debut of The Finest Filth Queer Comedy night! Hosted By Annie Schofield.

The Finest Filth Variety Hour First Birthday – October 8, 8pm

A celebratory night of Drag, DJs and Dancing! Hosted by Annie Schofield