Dave Court takes his Learning Machine on the road

South Australian visual artist, Dave Court, will be exploring applications and implications of new technology including AI image generation in Learning Machine.

Dave’s newest form of work will feature at Backwoods Gallery in Victoria from September 23 until October 9. 

“I’m super excited to share this body of work. These works come from a whole heap of collaboration, learning and experimental processes that I’ve developed over the last three years or so on top of a lifetime of painting,” says Dave.

This solo exhibition showcases a collection of colourful works across different media such as painting, sculpture, projection, and sound. 

Additionally, Dave investigates collapse dichotomies of the digital and analogue, hand-made and manufactured, and ultimately blurs the lines between human and machine. 

Within Dave’s work he dives into new technologies, which has led to new avenues of creation across AR, VR, projection mapping and 3D modelling, which now form major aspects of his work.

This art exhibition will also feature a live element for he shows the progress of his access to DALL-E, which creates images from text or image prompts, and through this, it demonstrates an understanding of relationships between images and meaning. 

DALL-E is what Dave believes to be an extension of himself and his creative practice, using similar effects when creating physical exhibition works. 

Through DALL-E, he has created a digital painting based upon this idea titled ‘Infinite Scroll’ which will be available to viewers at the exhibition in late September. 

Additionally, award-winning DJ and producer Motez has collaborated on an interactive sound sculpture installation for the exhibition, the first work of this kind to come out of an ongoing collaboration between the two makers.

“I’m particularly excited about Learning Machine’s collaboration with Motez. We’ve made an interactive soundsculpture installation for the space which has been a fun process and something new for us both,” Dave says.

Dave Court works across painting, sculpture and installation and has contributed to a range of different projects including award-winning immersive art project Mr IST, design for various festivals including  Adelaide Fringe, Neon Forest at RCC Fringe and the Big Picture Festival by Vans The Omega, as well creating one of SA’s largest public artworks, the City of Music Mural in 2018 to celebrate the induction of Adelaide as the first UNESCO City of Music in Australia.

You can find out more about his exhibition HERE.