Million Dollar Maybe promises questions, answers and coasters at Adelaide Fringe

Award-winning comedian Robyn Perkins is set to take on stereotypes, the dating life of penguins, and a sexual orientation scientist in Million Dollar Maybe.

Heading to the Piglet at Gluttony from 25 February, Robyn is set to share her tales and have you laughing at how far we’ve evolved… or not!

“The story I tell is honest, shocking, and will hopefully change the way you think about a few things. I mean, it’s funny as well, obviously!” Robyn laughs. “But I think because the story is true, and surprising, that will be what people are talking about after. I’d name specifics, but spoilers!

“It’s two stories about bivisibility. One’s my personal love story, and the other is me challenging a scientist who tried to prove bisexuality doesn’t exist…in 2020. I know.”

With a background in biology, but a heart in comedy, Robyn is looking forward to sharing her show and says there’s something for (almost) everyone.

“I did once have an audience of just two 80-year-old straight men. They are not my target audience per se, and I don’t know how they ended up in my show, but they loved it and learned a lot,” Robyn says. “Having said that, I guess 25-50 year old bisexuals are my target audience! I often have people leave my show saying ‘I’ve never felt so seen’. Still, people who aren’t bi+ still love the show, and get something completely different from it. In short, everyone is invited.”

But it might not just be an education, connection to community and a good laugh that you get. Robyn also has some sweet merch for you to grab!

“I have really cool (cheeky) coasters. I can’t tell you what they are, as they are a joke in the show. But the only time I’ve done the show with the coasters, they went like hotcakes after. If you are into that kind of thing, come early in the run to make sure I have some left,” Robyn says.

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