Adelaide Fringe Review: YUMMY ICONIC – Gluttony, 2023

YUMMY ICONIC is a variety show that it stuffed to the brim with glitter, glam and some well-orchestrated pizzazz!

You’ve probably noticed like many other Fringe Goers, Garden Dwellers and Gluttonous Gluttons that variety shows appear to be the thing of the moment.

If, like me, you frequent lots of Fringe shows you’ll start to recognise certain faces, talents, skill sets and gloriously buffed bods across a variety of variety shows.

A real stand-out talent for me at this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival has been Jarred Dewey (@jarreddewey). He made his mark in Party Ghost (5 Stars) and now you can see him in YUMMY ICONIC. Jarred was able to demonstrate his range serving us comedy gold in Party Ghost with haunting ariel performances and beautiful dance numbers in YUMMY ICONIC that oozed elegance and grace with just a sprinkling of mystery and intrigue. You’ve probably never seen a body move like that before either. Jarred Dewey is just someone we want to see more of!

YUMMY ICONIC showcases some real talent and brings its message of inclusion, celebration and YASS Queen to the forefront.

Whilst I very much enjoyed this variety show I did think it could use a little more workshopping. Simply because the flow and finesse of the production was a little “higgledy-piggledy”. As I mentioned earlier, there are many variety shows at this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival and some of which I image have chopped and changed their cast members around.

What brought me to this conclusion, was how some of the acts seemed unfitting for the overall theme of the show. It also felt a little revolving door as YUMMY ICONIC at moments lacked story telling… instead, we went from fire juggling and sword swallowing to bizarre human sandwich making inside of a child-like magic show.

YUMMY ICONC also blessed us with meeting Karlee (@karleemisi) who I found to be another stand out! This little pocket rocket served sex appeal in spades with effortless booty shaking and some bitchy burlesque! I want tickets to her solo performance, and I want to be in the front row!

Overall, as far as variety shows goes YUMMY ICONIC has it all (literally everything you can think of). I also think it’s incredibly important that we support our LGBTQI+ artists and queer spaces in which the artform of Drag can be celebrated (especially with what’s happening in the US at the moment).

On that note, YUMMY ICONIC also have a kids show! You can buy tickets to YUMMY: The Kids Extravaganza! Here: YUMMY: The Kids Extravaganza! | Adelaide Fringe

Get your tickets for YUMMY ICONIC here: YUMMY ICONIC | Adelaide Fringe

4/5 Stars.