Adelaide Fringe Review: Sh!tfaced Shakespeare, GOUD, 2023

It’s the Shakespeare stories you know and love, but with a twist. Each night one of the actors has had a few alcoholic beverages before the show and continues to consume them throughout the performance. What ensues is Sh!tfaced Shakespeare, a rollicking good time for all.

Sh!tfaced Shakespeare has been to Adelaide Fringe for a few years now and has steadily gained popularity over time. Each year they have brought a different Shakespeare classic to the stage, and this year audiences are being treated to Romeo & Juliet.

At only an hour long, with unscripted madness and hijinks throughout, it is an abridged version of Romeo & Juliet, and on the night of attendance it was Romeo’s turn to drink the sauce.

The surrounding sober actors not only need to know the script inside and out, but their improv skills when thrown one comical curveball after another incessantly throughout the performance was super impressive.

A stage manager keeps the show on track via airhorn warnings when things go off the rails for too long, or when the drunkard gets a bit off-colour in the joke department.

No two shows are the same with Sh!tfaced Shakespeare, so if you’re looking for a show to let loose in but also feel a little bit cultured then this is show for you.

Sh!tfaced Shakespeare is playing at the Roundhouse in the Garden of Unearthly Delights until Sunday, March 19. Get your tickets here.

**** ½ stars Four ½ stars