Adelaide Fringe Review: The Kaye Hole – Hosted by Reuben Kaye – The Garden of Unearthly Delights, 2023

It’s exceedingly difficult to write an unbiased review of someone you tend to unashamedly “fan girl” over.

Reuben Kaye’s The Kaye Hole I have reviewed for the past three years on the run and each and every time I am amazed and drawn back for more…

The Kaye Hole is a diverse and highly entertaining cornucopia of eye-popping variety acts. Reuben’s hosting skills make this the variety show of variety shows! It stands out (and proud) delivering you plenty of queer content from a plethora of LGBTQI+ artists and allies.

Reuben is a high-energy performer whose acerbic enthusiasm brings the audience along a fun and very wild ride! This is truly the Cabernet of Cabaret!

The Kaye Hole manages to create a warm and inclusive space for all who dare to enter Reuben’s hole. Reuben himself ushers you in under his latex-covered wing and manages to get up close and personal with all his attendees. Something many an artist simply cannot pull off. There’s this feeling like he’s engaging with the room on an intimate level – on a human level.

Reuben can read a room (to filth) and expose it as plainly as his chapless bum! This performer knows his audience as The Kaye Hole operates like a conversation that we’re supposed to be having.

You’ll be delighted to spot a few familiar faces amongst the variety acts *cough* perhaps even a little WERK Room revival. Not to mention a couple of artists plucked out from some of your other favourite shows at this year’s Adelaide Fringe as well as a few newly discovered fresh faces – the perfect mix!

The crowd at The Kaye Hole Reuben can play to with seemingly artless abandon and get away with murder by never poking fun at anyone more than himself! He is such fantastic comedian and showman that its very easy to forget how accomplished a singer he is. The inspired and passionate song performances alone are worth the price of entry!

5 stars

The Kaye Hole Saturday 18th: The Kaye Hole – Hosted by Reuben Kaye | Adelaide Fringe

You can catch Reuben at his other show Live and Intimidating Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th here:

Reuben Kaye – Live And Intimidating | Adelaide Fringe