Adelaide Fringe Review: CAKE – The Pyramid @ Fool’s Paradise


CAKE is a cornucopia of Queer infused delight with a comedy layered base, flirtatious frosting and just a sprinkling of sheer chaotic madness.

Hosted by our daring emcee Rebel Lyons (@rebelstarlyons) whose comedic stylings, cabaret, sass (and ass) I fell in love with when reviewing Same Penis Forever. Rebel is daring, brave and it’s palpable! someone you walk away feeling inspired by only wishing her heroism was contagious.

The crowd roared, the laughs were consistent throughout and CAKE was just downright entertaining!

CAKE bestows on to its audience some undeniably abstract artistry whilst also slipping seamlessly into some slapstick and full-frontal nudity.

Some of the true talent and quick tricks performed in CAKE have you gasping in awe, shock and an occasional, “did that really just happen?”. Which I personally think are the markings of a noteworthy variety show.

Any good variety show should include a great song number, comedy, clowning, hoop juggling and of course crude language and nudity! There’s also the highly underrated act that makes any attendee second guess as to how and where they were able to practice (nay, perfect) such an absurd skill as balancing a bottle on a wooded stick through gritted teeth… CAKE has it all.

I was drawn to CAKE initially because of my sheer excitement to see Oliva Porter (@oliviaporterandmore) once more! Oliva stood out to me in her other Adelaide Fringe Show this year Party Ghost (@partyghosttheshow) which received accolades, a 5-star review from me and a nightly standing ovation! Oliva (who was recently referred to as a muse) with such fine-tuned skills and aptitude makes her an expert of her craft.

Unfortunately, Oliva wasn’t in the final act of CAKE closing this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival, yet it was enjoyed in full and loved all the same!

CAKE was served and it was like all your birthdays had come at once! My only wish? I hope it returns to us in Adelaide Fringe Festival 2024.

5 Stars

CAKE fringe page: CAKE | Adelaide Fringe