Edith Piaf, France’s national diva is celebrated in “Exposing Edith”, one of the prime selections at the Cabaret Fringe Festival this year.

Performed at Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre, Michaela Burger (Vocals) & Greg Wain (Guitar) create a stunning and engaging production showcasing the life, talents and hardships of Piaf.

Exposing Edith

Burger is flawless in her vocal ability, and teamed with her natural talent on stage as a charismatic raconteur, “Exposing Edith” truly is the perfect cabaret.

For just over an hour, Burger tells Piaf’s story as herself, splicing in a gruff, hilarious and sexy ‘Piaf’ character to bringing to life a woman whose life is ultimately shrouded in mystery.

The script is charming, witty and quite educational! And Wain’s innovative guitar playing with loops and different styles negated the need for a full band.

At times, Wain loops a guitar progression and plays a lead over the top, giving a full sound to accompany Burger’s faultless singing.

Similarly, Burger will sing a lead into a microphone which loops and she sings harmonies over the top, which exhibits the team’s impressive musical talent, making the show different from any other.

During ’La Vie en Rose’, Burger sings into Wain’s acoustic guitar, which echoes (possibly through use of a delay pedal), to symbolise the music swimming around in Piaf’s head.

The effect is magnificent and gives depth to the show, inviting the audience in to spend a moment in the famous songstress’ head.

The clever monologues,  Burger’s wonderful French accent, and her long velvet gown with fur neckline and cuffs will make you think you are in the room with Piaf, falling in love with her, just as she is with you.

Highlights are many, but of course ‘Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien’, which was called on for an encore brought the house down, even commanding a standing ovation.

”Exposing Edith” is a must see. It’s clever, funny, tragic and accompanied by some exceptional South Australian musical talent.

The season has now finished but you can check out what else is on at Cabaret Fringe Festival this weekend here.

Story by Libby Parker

Photo from “Exposing Edith” promotional material.