Adelaide Hills trio Germein Sisters are currently making a name for themselves in Australia and overseas with their beautiful melodies and refreshingly authentic sound.

The three sisters, Georgia, Ella and Clara Germein, managed by their mother Sue, are currently touring their debut album in Germany, Ireland and Switzerland.

The sisters in action.
The sisters in action.

Georgia Germein, singer, songwriter, guitarist and manager of the band’s administration said in the three years the band has been playing together, they’ve grown and learned a lot.

“It’s been a bit of a whirlwind but we’ve worked really hard and it’s really exciting. It’s always a risk when you tour in a new place and you never know what’s going to happen, but we learn so much,” she said.

The three young women have been playing music from an early age, as inspired by their musical father.

“When we were five we started having lessons on random instruments,” Georgia said. “I learned violin, Ella learned cello and Clara learned clarinet but as a band we’re self-taught on most things.”

Georgia, 23, plays guitar, Clara, 25, is the drummer and Ella, 24, on bass.

“Our dad plays trumpet in a New Orleans style band. Mum is our manager. She’s not heaps musical but she’s really good at the business side of things. It’s good having mum as our manager because it’s someone we can trust,” Georgia said.

With influences ranging from Coldplay to Taylor Swift, the pop-folk trio have received many accolades including winning the 2014 Tamworth Busking Championships and a nomination for Best Pop Artists 2013 in the Fowlers Live Music Awards.

Germein Sisters' debut album "Because you Breathe"
Germein Sisters’ debut album “Because you Breathe”

Their highly anticipated debut album Because You Breathe was recorded in Ireland with producer Billy Farrell (The Corrs, Westlife) and assisted by Jealoustown Studio’s Stuart Gray (Sinead O’Connor).

But before they were jetsetting across Europe, Germein Sisters were in China promoting South Australia and being mistaken for the Spice Girls.

“The Australia China Development Company were looking for South Australian representatives to go over to China and promote their businesses, and Arts SA recommended us,” Georgia said.

“The Chinese appear to be big fans of western music. In the newspaper articles they compared us to the Spice Girls. We were often asked to play Spice Girls. It was really funny. They were all really cool and lovely people.”

The three sisters played music venues, the Australian Embassy in Beijing and the International Beer festival all accompanied by their parents, with dad acting as a roadie.

And the family that plays together, stays together; Georgia said they all know each other so well that touring is always fun.

“We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses so it’s never been not fun. When you’re a family, it’s a bit easier because if you have an argument you have to come to the dinner table at the end of the day. And when you’re touring you don’t miss home as much because you’re with all the people you care about, which is nice,” she said.

View Germein Sisters’ video for single, “Golden”.

And their album is available here so have a listen and find out why Sharon Corr from The Corrs said Germein Sisters have “Truly rare; totally unique and utterly beautiful voices”.

Story by Libby Parker

Pictures supplied by Germein Sisters