This month, Clint Boge, ex Butterfly Effect front man, will be coming to Adelaide and bringing with him his new solo act and a new outlook.

Playing at The Royal Oak Hotel and the Crown and Sceptre Hotel on November 20th and 22nd respectively, the Queensland family man is taking a ‘back to basics’ approach to his new gig.

Despite touring with, and recording with new band Like Thieves, Boge says he has found it difficult breaking back into the music scene, but has no regrets.

“I’ve got the best of both worlds so I’ve got Like Thieves, and doing the solo thing is pretty cool as well because you’re your own boss. It’s also scary because you’ve got no one else to rely on and when you’re writing, it’s quite good to bounce off people.1510787_682760595097824_1043741829_n

“Performance wise it really comes down to you. You haven’t got 20 thousand decibels of noise and three other dudes to look at on stage. It’s quiet and it’s acoustic and it’s very personal and it’s like, ‘Welcome to my bedroom!’ Which is cool for people with a voyeuristic vibe,” he laughs.

Spending his time between writing music, touring and looking after his family, Boge has also found time to do some solo cover gigs, just to pay the bills, which have been an eye-opener for him.

“I became conditioned to playing music, it’s all I knew so I just kept playing. But hats off to all cover musicians out there. That’s where I came from but I forgot. The amount of ungrateful, nasty, malicious, drunk individuals I’ve encountered in is frightening,” he says.

“I went to Mt Isa recently and I jumped up on stage and before I’d even struck a chord, this guy said, ‘Keep it down, you f!$king c$%t!’ So I walked up to him after the set and said ‘Mate, there’s no need to talk to me like that, I’m just doing my job’ and he threw down his knife and fork and tried to throw me through the back wall.”

Not being one to back down from a fight, Boge defended himself but took away a new respect for musicians doing the hard yards.

“I used a Judo move and flicked him onto the floor and then he tried to rip out all of my piercings and punch me. I can’t understand how musicians have become so devalued. I have a new appreciation for cover musicians,” he says.

And while he’s not fending off drunken punters at gigs, Boge is writing and producing music for a solo EP.

“I’m just trying to put together stuff to record my first EP which I’ve been threatening to do for some time. I’m tossing up whether I just have me and another guitarist, or guitarist and kick drum/snare. But I don’t want to do what’s hip and what’s cool, I want to do what’s been rolling around in my head for years,” he says.

And the response to those songs rolling around in his head has been pretty good so far so Boge is keen to keep up the tough slog to get his music back out there. 1524831_682759545097929_989655168_n

“The feedback I’ve had so far on my solo stuff has been good. It’s funny when you come from being in such a big band, you think there’s still going to be people around to offer you things like record companies, publicists and managers. That doesn’t happen! No one is knocking on my door saying, ‘I want to manage you.’ It’s a learning experience,” he says.

Boge is working hard to get back on top after fronting The Butterfly Effect for 12 years and leaving due to creative differences.

The much-publicised tension between the musicians has inspired Boge to pursue his solo career, although he says he still hasen’t resolved his differences with the rest of the band.

“I don’t have anything to do with Ben or Kurt. Glenn is the only one I talk to and will continue to talk to. We’re still really good friends but as far as the rest of the band are concerned, I don’t know what they’re up to. I don’t even associate with anyone who knows them,” he says.

“I’m very happy with my decision. Someone asked me if I’d do a reunion tour and I said, ‘No way!’ That would be like hooking up with your ex! You can’t do that. You have to make a clean break because otherwise it sends the wrong message. It says, ‘You can treat me like shit and badmouth me the whole way along and I’ll come back and help you out.’”

Enjoying the freedom of being a solo artist and the perks of playing when and where he likes, Boge is particularly looking forward to coming to Adelaide, a place he’s always been a fan of.

“I love Adelaide. Everyone knows I love Adelaide. It’s one of my favourite places in the whole world. I don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like but I appreciate it when I’m there. The people are amazing. We always say to touring bands, wait till you get to Adelaide. Some of the best crowds in Australia are in Adelaide,” he says.

Clint Boge will be here 20th and 22nd of November so get along and check out his new solo act which he describes as, “Singer/songwriter adult/contemporary with a twist of lime.”

“My solo gig will be cruisy-cool-intimate. Just a guy on a stage playing acoustic guitar. I’ll try to do some comedy maybe. And ventriloquism. I’ll be a triple threat but with no guarantee of laughter or amazement,” he jokes.

Interviewed by Libby Parker

Photos from Clint Boge