The Feast Festival has arrived in Adelaide and, in its 18th year is offering a program even tastier and more sumptuous than previous years – if that’s possible.

This year’s theme for Adelaide’s annual LGBTIQ festival is ‘indulge’, and with so much on offer this year, one could positively gorge oneself!

One such delicious item on the Feast menu is 3 Queens and a Diva presented by Feast and Essential Talent. 10799330_10203928978559493_271366411_n

Starring Adelaide drag legends Rochelle La More and Fifi La Douche alongside Kelly O’Brien and Sam Trenwith, 3 Queens and a Diva teaches us what makes a diva before we decide who is a diva.

Singer, dancer, actor Sam Trenwith came to the role through his long involvement with Essential Talent, and he is thrilled to be a part of it.

“When I was little and going to Essential Talent, I would hear about how Richard [Laidlaw] and Tony [Carpenter] worked at the Mars Bar and did shows at Feast Festival. Everyone enjoys their shows and knows who they are. I never really expected to be in one of the shows because usually its Fifi, Rochelle and Vonni and they’re really famous in the drag industry. So it’s very exciting!” he said.

Trenwith said the show, which opens this Friday night, will separate the queens from the divas, with a little help from the audience.

“People think if you call someone a diva that it’s a bad thing but it’s a derivative of divine. People have an idea of what a diva is; they call Whitney Houston and Beyonce divas, but a diva isn’t just a female thing. A man can be a diva too,” he said.

“The show goes through the different types of divas, our on-stage and off-stage personalities, and what makes a diva. Then it’s up to the audience to vote who, out of the four of us, is the diva. It will be interesting who they think is a diva. So there will be one diva and the rest of us are queens!”

Having been a performer since he was four, 20-year-old Trenwith has an impressive portfolio of work and a number of successes to his name.

He was Treble the Elf Tot on the popular kids’ TV show, The Fairies; was in the 2011 series of X Factor, mentored by Guy Sebastian; featured in the 2013 Hi-5 film and was actually flown to Hollywood by ultimate diva, Cher in 2005 for her concert.

But before 3 Queens and a Diva Trenwith took a break from performing for a while to concentrate on his role on Adelaide’s dance station Fresh 92.7 as host of Wednesday’s Insomnia, and redefine his goals.

Since his return, he has performed in Gurlesque 2 at the Mars Bar, which he said was the perfect welcome back to the stage.

“I am enjoying performing again. I really needed that time to sort my life out. You can’t do much when you don’t know yourself and you doubt yourself,” he said.

“I think I’m over that. I know what I can do and I know what my limits are now. I had such high expectations and I thought, because I didn’t have enough confidence in myself, that I was letting people down. The first real thing I did after that break was the Mars Bar show and I was hesitant about that because they haven’t had a live singer there for years but once I got to rehearsals and I saw the show and I saw the costumes, I had an absolute blast.”

3 Queens and a Diva is playing at the Soul Box on Friday and Saturday night this week and tickets are available through Feast Festival.

Get along to check out some incredible Adelaide talent and help decide who is the ultimate diva.

Where: Soul Box, 252 Hindley Street, Adelaide

When: 21 Nov 9:30pm, 22 Nov 7pm. Duration: 60 mins

By Libby Parker