“Stairways to Heaven” (2012) by Digby Webster

The Talented Mr Digby is a feature documentary that needs our help to complete.

The film follows three friends with an intellectual disability on a quest to become independent.

Directed and produced by Sydney film-maker Ehsan Knopf, the hybrid film focuses on  Digby Webster, a 27-year-old talented artist who dreams of one day moving out of home.

Webster’s friend Tom Elenor fantasises about becoming famous, and award-winning actress Tracie Sammut wants to teach other people with a disability and bring an end to industry stereotyping and typecasting.

Digby, Tom and Tracie join forces to embark on a journey, creating a series of short films that will “turn assumptions about disability on their head and prove that all dreams are made equal” (http://www.pozible.com/project/187613).

This fascinating and poignant film combines observational documentary with fictional elements but the team requires help to fund the making of it.

The pledge is $20, 000 and around $3000 has been raised so far. With our help, they can reach their goal in the next 21 days and complete Mr Digby.

More information about how the funds will be spent and a little more about the project is available here.

Donating is only a quick click away and you can gift any amount from $1.

Photographs of Digby Webster’s artwork from www.thetalentedmrdigby.com