Before you lock in any New Year’s resolution which will see you promising yourself to lose 10kg, build more muscle, have injections to hide the signs of ageing, or wax more regularly, take some time to listen to Melbourne rocker Dallas Frasca.

Singer, Dallas Frasca – beautiful, just the way she is.

The lead singer of self-titled 3-piece rock/blues outfit feels very strongly about the subject of positive body image and wants to spread the message far and wide.

“You are Beautiful” is the new single from Dallas Frasca and the film clip has been censored on YouTube due to the celebration of human bodies in their natural state.

The message behind the song, which features the band’s signature chunky riffs and Frasca’s Joplin-cum-Zeppelin vocals, is that we all are beautiful just the way we are.

To showcase this, the band put out a call on Facebook for their fans to join them in getting their kit off in the video, and Frasca said the response was overwhelming.

“We thought it would be hard to say, hey guys, we’re getting nude, come join us? But people loved it! The message across the platform was that every person who was there was there for their own reasons,” she said.

“There was a beautiful woman who was there because her daughter has an eating disorder, we had a couple of girls there who had self-harm scars all over their bodies, and it was a lot to do with being programmed by the media and what they thought of themselves as a result. They’re aware now and have overcome that and were brave enough to show their scars.”

The participants for the clip were all volunteers, all had a story to tell and all wanted to promote positive body image to the masses.

“There was even a paralympian who won bronze for Australia and was one of the best athletes on the team at the time and was asked to lose weight. We also had a wonderful transgender girl, and people are always asking her if she has real boobs and she says people just miss the point. It’s about who she is, not whether she has boobs!” Frasca said.

(L-R) Jeff Curran, Dallas Frasca, Josh Eales.
(L-R) Jeff Curran, Dallas Frasca, Josh Eales.

The clip has reached over 100,000 views, which Frasca is thrilled about, because the message is being shared.

“I think the reason why it’s resonated so positively is because it’s the truth, and if there’s an honesty in the message in your song, then people get it,” she said.

“My boyfriend Scott Major directed and filmed the whole video. We wanted something quite bold to amplify the message. It was Jeff (Curran) my guitarist who said if we do it in our raw state, that’s going to amplify the message, get people’s attention and hopefully stop the programming.”

Within 24 hours of posting the clip, the band received a notification that the video was to be censored, which they had already predicted.

“We thought that would happen because there’s nudity; there’s bits of everything flying everywhere. But if you compare our clip to the misogynistic fucking film clip by RedFoo. I mean he’s supporting this crazy rape culture and degrading women and I’m baffled. What would you prefer your kids watching? We were all born like this,” Frasca said.

But it’s not just women who Frasca believes are programmed to look a certain way or feel badly about their natural appearance; men are just as manipulated by media, and porn.

“There’s such a minute amount of people who look like that stereotypical figure that we have in our minds that we need to strive towards and it’s just bullshit. We should just be happy the way we are, right? And it’s not just women. If you look at the porn industry, it’s made men feel inadequate about their penis size,” she said.

The clip features ‘average’ people inspecting their appearance in a bathroom mirror before stripping off their layers of clothing, and indeed the metaphorical layers of stigma attached to how we should view our bodies.

Meanwhile, Frasca sets fire to a pile of beauty magazines to show what she really thinks about the way media sculpts our thinking.

“We go back to that mediaeval instinct of people going to watch others being hung in the square because it wasn’t them. They don’t want to be in that situation but they’ll watch it. That’s why all those magazines get sold,” she said.

“You know, celebrities without makeup or with cellulite, or photos of them down at the beach. It’s a terrible thing in society that we’ve had ingrained into us and because it’s around us constantly, we’ve been programmed to think like that.”

You can view the video below but please be aware, it is NSFW, but very safe, and valuable, for your self esteem and building a culture of acceptance.

As well as the new single, “You are Beautiful”, Dallas Frasca have been working on a new album which is set for release in about April 2015.

Until then, though, she and her band will promote self-love and freedom to the world through her music and videos, despite the censorship.

Dallas Frasca: all rock n roll
Dallas Frasca: all rock n roll

“I don’t want to sound like an old fuddy duddy because we’re all rock and roll but there is a really grey area when it comes to censorship. I think music is such a powerful, influential thing and I want to know where have the protest bands have gone, like Midnight Oil, or something with a better message. There needs to be a better message,” she said.

By Libby Parker