Dallas Frasca’s latest album, Love Army has just dropped, and to celebrate, they have enlisted an army to do some loving.

Their third studio album was crowd-funded and, for the three-piece band, has been a labour of love in every sense of the word.

The long awaited Love Army, which endured recording, rerecording and a line-up change, is now officially available to purchase, and front-woman Dallas couldn’t be more thrilled to see it released.

“I’m almost ready to start writing the next one,” she laughs. “It’s been a massive journey. Because we crowd-funded so much money, there were so many people involved in that process and we all felt really driven to deliver something way above what we’ve done in the past,” Dallas continues.

“So we went in first for the practice one, I suppose you could say, but it didn’t hit the mark. Then our wonderful drummer, Zane, who’d been with us for quite some time had a new little baby so we had a line-up change and it was chaotic; but in the chaos we managed to re-record pretty much the entire record and get to where we wanted.”

Love Army was recorded with original members Dallas Frasca and Jeff Curran, who were joined by King Of The North drummer, Danny Leo.

Dallas_trolleyFollowing the recording, Josh Eales joined as the full-time drummer, which Dallas says has given the trio a fresh outlook.

“Josh is incredible. He’s a young gun. He’s amazing. We’ve been playing with Josh since August last year and he played his first festival with us. It’s exciting having someone like that on board because Jeff and I have played over 700 shows together and seeing Josh do all these things for the first time makes us realise where we’ve come from, and it’s a really nice appreciation,” she says.

The new album has a theme of love and positivity running through it, which was inspired by an artist Dallas met while she was in the UK.

“Piluca is a wonderful Spanish artist who we met at a party one night. At her house, there were hundreds of these little hessian men who were holding up signs of compassion, humanity and love; really positive, beautiful thought-evoking messages. She ended up sprinkling them all around Brixton and we saw these hessian men everywhere and everyone’s reactions to them were really nice,” she says.

“It was beautiful being able to transcend someone from such a piece of art and it’s the same with music. You hear a song and it’s such an amazing, healing medicine that it can transcend you. I was so inspired by what she did and she called them her Love Army so I wanted to continue that theme and positive thought provoking through the album.”

Thus, National Love Army Day is born.

Dallas, Jeff and Josh, along with an army of lovers, have committed to doing good deeds and paying them forward.

“We have declared Friday 17th April, the day the album comes out, to be National Love Army Day. We think there’s not enough love on the planet so the whole band have something really cool planned and will be doing something along the lines of a really good deed,” Dallas says.

“There’s hundreds of people who have signed up to the Love Army campaign on the website. There’s so much negativity in the news all the time and maybe we should focus our thoughts on better things and more positive things. Just ring your mum and tell her you love her! Make your mum smile.”

Dallas and the boys will also kick off a series of pop-up gigs today, starting in Brisbane on Queen Street Mall at 12pm, with all busking proceeds going to local charities – just part of their contribution to the Love Army campaign.

But their day of good deeds started this morning at 5am where she surprised one of her biggest fans with an impromptu lounge room performance.

Check it out here:

Having just returned from Europe, Dallas, Jeff and Josh are about to kick off a national tour, and they’ll be hitting Adelaide in June.

Dallas is keen to get back to Adelaide to show us their new stuff and spread the love with her army.

“It’s going to be awesome,” she says. “You just get hotter and hotter as you go along with the show. We’ve got Silent Duck supporting us in Adelaide, which is one of the guys from The Beards’ other projects. It’s going to be a big love fest. It’s going to be really cool.

“We’ve got a brand new set planned with brand new songs and we’re just going to be on the road celebrating; celebrating the project we’ve poured our hearts into and then living it. We’re really looking forward to it.”

Dallas Frasca have recently signed with Social Family Records, a label Dallas says is true to their name with their support and care of the band.

“We don’t have to do as much and nearly have meltdowns,” she laughs. “It’s been so great. With anything that you do, if you find the right team of people who really believe in what you’re doing and your music, then you kind of feel unstoppable. It’s been really great for the band. We love everybody there. They’re doing a great job and it’s exciting to see what the future holds.”

LOVE-ARMY-high-res-NO-WARNING-STICKERDallas Frasca are playing Pirie and Co Social Club on Friday 5th of June; tickets are available through Moshtix.

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Love Army is released on Friday 17 April via Spank Betty Records and is available on CD and download, with a vinyl edition to follow.

By Libby Parker
Photo supplied