Written some great ideas you’d like to share with the business community and networks? Keen to understand the ins and outs of the publishing industry?

Published author and editor Leticia Mooney from Brutal Pixie will be presenting a one day workshop to teach you how to publish that book that’s been rattling around in your head or hard drive. This is not a writing workshop though, this is purely tools for publishing.

“The workshop will teach the tools to use, how to write it (without dying in the process); and how to do it on the weekend if you have the time and space,” Mooney said.

“Writing it isn’t the difficult thing. The difficult thing is having the correct formatting, having the proofs in, and having the right ISBNs for all the right things, and knowing how to do that. I can teach you that in a day.”

Topics covered will be:

  • Why books are important for thought leadership
  • The tools to use that make your life easy
  • How to structure your book
  • How to write your book faster than you ever imagined
  • Why the look and feel of your book is important
  • Why editing is important
  • A bit about copyright law
  • How to comply with legal deposit requirements
  • What ISBNs are, why you need them and how to get them
  • Publishing, the LEAN way – no, not buying 5000 copies. Yes, also in ebook format.
  • How your book will sell (yes, we’re looking at you, Amazon!)
  • Some tips for marketing
  • A little bit about royalties and taxation.

The workshop will be at Majoran Co-Working Space on Wednesday January 28th, 2015 from 9:30am until 4:30pm and you can grab your tickets to this valuable workshop here.

Leticia Mooney is a content strategist, a professional writer and editor, and has run publishing houses in print and online.

Mooney’s books include Music Journalism 101 and The Art of Postcard Writing; one being a world-renowned book stocked in universities in the UK and the other was written, designed and published in less than two days. Check out these books here.