It’s that time again where businesses are returning from holidays and mapping out their goals for a new year.

Feeling revived and rebooted after a well deserved break, managers and business owners could be looking to improve their business profile and make a plan for a more successful year.

brutal_pixie_fin-e1398599876361Brutal Pixie, owned and managed by Leticia Mooney are committed to helping organisations improve their digital and print profile by working together towards success.

Mooney has had a wide range of experience, most notably being the founder and editor of a successful music magazine where she built processes and implemented systems to create relevant, efficient marketing and publishing strategy.

Since selling the mag, Mooney has been working through Brutal Pixie as a content strategist to bring the same success to Adelaide businesses, as she had in her own.

“I built processes and got them to function and that was fabulous fun. In doing all of that I worked out that even though I love editing and I love writing, the bit I was the best at is the strategic stuff,” she said.

“I went into the strategic space to capitalise on what I’ve got, which is the knowledge that very few people have and the capacity to go into anybody’s business, pick it up really fast and then make recommendations for how it can be better, and get that publishing system functional.”

Working with anyone from start-ups to established firms, Brutal Pixie aims to delve into the unique selling point and branding of the business and find the best possible solution for promoting that.

“I help businesses to navigate the publishing demands of the 21st century by focusing on risk, governance and workflow that they miss. I’m a content strategist so I build content focussed strategy for people, that ties together their values, mission, principles and messaging,” Mooney said.

“Your website should be up to date because that’s your shop front. People go into business and they make a website, then they get busy and the first thing to stop is that stuff because it’s incidental, or it doesn’t feel like it’s necessary because it’s not the core business.”

But as many consumers will attest, an out-dated website or print publication can turn them towards a competitor.

Brutal Pixie, as the name and logo suggests, will enter a business, analyse their data and be brutally honest about their strategy; and that’s when the magic starts to happen.

“I come in to projects and throw buckets of cold water on things. I’ve worked with start ups who want to do X,Y and Z and I’ll ask, ‘Why are you doing that, and how do you expect that to make you a return, and what are you measuring out of that?’ Mooney said.

“And they suddenly realise they don’t have those things – so hence the cold water! Or they’ll have great ideas but it doesn’t fit what their message is so they’re at risk of taking unnecessary detours instead of going straight towards the goal. So that’s where my strategy fits.”

Mooney has turned the Pixie’s attention to law firms because she believes there is an opportunity for many such organisations to capitalise on a long-term relationship with their clients.

“Lawyers have a world which is lawyers and non lawyers, and they don’t speak human,” she laughs. “So what happens is that when they write content for regular people, they write from their own perspective and it’s not plain English, it’ not particularly engaging, and it’s not really on brand.”

“It can really help them to think about their customers and what their customer’s journey is like, so they can have a good relationship with their lawyer. You could have a lifecycle relationship with your lawyer like you do with your GP, but it requires people to think differently about their business.”

In 2015, Mooney will be running workshops to help law firms achieve a better strategy for building long lasting relationships with clients.

But when she is not building opportunities for businesses to improve their strategy, Mooney is networking, and working with Majoran, Adelaide’s Tech and Creative Co-Working Community.

“There is no business without community; or rather there is, but it’s long, painful, difficult, frustrating, depressing and unnecessarily hard,” Mooney said.

“There are a lot of really bright people who run businesses who do amazing things but some days can’t get out of bed and they’ve got no one to talk to about that. Communities give you a network of people like you and it’s like going to work everyday with people you wish you’d grown up with.”

Continually finding ways of improving her own strategy, workflow and objectives, Mooney learns from the businesses she works with and the colleagues she works alongside.

Brutal Pixie will tailor a strategy to an individual business and give ongoing support, so if you want to make 2015 the year your business catches the attention of new clients through your publishing content and materials; or if you just want to know the story behind the pixie with an axe, contact Leticia Mooney at Brutal Pixie.

Story by Libby Parker

Artwork courtesy of Brutal Pixie