Strut & Fret have been making our most raved about Fringe productions for 15 years, but in 2015, they’re bringing something a little different to Adelaide.

Famous for their visual and aural spectaculars, this year the company offers a unique experience for all the senses.

Fear & Delight is a night of decadent cocktails, indulgent food, music, theatrics and, to top off the evening, a party.

Scott Maidment is the Founding Director of Strut & Fret; the company who brought us award winning productions and events like LIMBO, Cantina, Tom Tom Crew, Feasting on Flesh, and The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

Taking a moment from rehearsals for Fear & Delight at the Cirkidz space in Bowden, Maidment told The Upside News about his latest theatrical feat.

“It’s amazingly ambitious,” he laughed. “About a year ago I started thinking about a show that would involve a food element and an experience. I didn’t want the audience to have a passive experience where they just sit in a theatre and watch a show; I wanted them to be involved. I wanted them to hear it, see it, taste it, feel it.”

“I’ve been able to hand pick performers from different shows all over the world and bring them together, so I’ve got an amazing array of talent. We’re creating something that’s going to be pretty special!”

FearandDelightAs with all of the shows Maidment is involved with, music is a primary element, so he approached the band The Correspondents to come on board for Fear & Delight.

“I came across the music of The Correspondents and really liked the accessibility of it; it’s all sort of electro-swing. It’s music I’d like, that people who go to a nightclub would like, but also someone’s mum and dad would like. So I went to London and met with them and said I want to make a show based on their music,” he said.


Fear & Delight promises a night like no other you’ve seen at Adelaide Fringe; you can stay for the whole night, or part of the night, but either way, you’ll be treated to a sensory experience.

“You can buy a ticket for the ‘complete experience’ where you can have a range of food, drink, you’ll see a show, you’ll be involved in a show and then finally there’s a great party at the end of it. You should allocate from eight o’clock in the evening until one o’clock in the morning to experience it,” Maidment said.

“It really is an adventure. It’s not just as simple as going to the theatre, sitting down and deciding what coffee shop you’ll go to afterwards.”

There are three levels of entertainment you can opt for with Fear and Delight, which Maidment explained.

“There’s 100 people who can do the whole experience but then there’s another 500 people who can see the show and then go to the Devil’s Lighthouse, which is the party venue at the end of the evening. Or you can just turn up for the Devil’s Lighthouse every night and listen to music if you wanted to.”

Audiences have the choice to attend the whole evening, or enjoy it in part, and it all takes place in Adelaide’s premiere Fringe venue, The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

“I think what people are going to love is that the bulk of the show is outdoors. So you’re sitting under the stars around a dining table that becomes the stage. I think that’s going be a really cool experience where you can be sitting on the edge of the table and there’s performers walking right up to you and you’re really involved,” Maidment said.

Fear & Delight is playing from 13th February through until 15th March, but tickets will sell fast, so make sure you book via Fringetix.

Notorious for their sexy, exciting, death defying productions of grandeur, Scott Maidment and Strut & Fret promise a ‘wild journey far outside the realms of reality’.

“I just wanted to bring something different, and keep pushing the boundaries of what audiences can expect and the style of the evening Adelaide audiences are looking for. With Fear & Delight, I really wanted to push the boundaries of that and include food, great music, and then a big party at the end of it.”

Story by Libby Parker