The Orchard, Adelaide’s first cider festival will be flowing with sparkling entertainment when the gates open at 12pm on Saturday 24th January.

Apple-Tree coloured appleLive music and entertainment, some of the city’s best street-eats and an excellent selection of ciders will be on offer.

On the bill to serenade punters as they sample ciders and local fare are Squeaker, Ollie English, Iron Empire, Spark & Ember, Sean Kemp and Trent Worley.

Trent Worley will be playing his first ever festival at the event and he is thrilled to be a part of the Festival’s second year.

Trent Worley will be playing live at the festival.
Trent Worley will be playing live at the festival.

“I’m used to playing pubs and venues, so this is probably the biggest thing I’ve done. I’d like to get into doing more festivals so it’s a great step for me,”’ he says.

Trent, who now writes songs about peace and love, entered the music scene out of pure rebellion against his much loved Nanna, and a nasty boss.

“I remember being seven and I told my Nanna I wanted to play music and she laughed at me. That ignited a little flame. After my nanna passed away, she left us a bit of money so with that, I bought a guitar and a little amp so she was a bit of an inspiration in that way,” he says.

“Then from about the age of 14 I was working in a pub as a glassy. I would come home from work on a Friday night, sit in my room and write songs about my arsehole manager and all the people I was serving. It was like therapy.”

Building a career from a punk rock ethos and turning it into what producer Matt Hills calls “psychedelic rock with ambient soundscapes”, Trent now gigs around Adelaide, and is planning a tour of Australia.

“This year I’m trying to book a tour up the east coast in March/April. I haven’t really toured outside of Adelaide,” he says.

“I love playing here. I can play a gig, drop my gear back home and then head back to town; but I feel like I’ve done the hard yards now and I want to tour elsewhere.”

Despite doing the hard yards back home, a recent tour to the US offered many incredible opportunities for Trent, like recording a song in Jack White’s 1947 Voice-O-Graph booth in Nashville and being in bed with Madonna.

Alright, so that’s not strictly correct, but his song, “Take Me Away” was recorded in New York City on the top floor of The Music Building in Madonna’s old bedroom.

“Yeah I suppose it was a little dirty,” he laughs. “Not really. Apparently Madonna was living pretty rough in the early days and was working at a hot dog place and The Music Building had about 36 studios in it. The top floor was vacant and she sweet talked the owner and they made the top floor her space.”

“She lived there for a good couple of years in the heart of New York right near Times Square. That building is where The Strokes still rehearse and record and Billy Idol wrote “White Wedding” in that building too,” Trent says.

As well as an Australian tour, this year, Trent will be recording his new album, Planting Seeds.

But before that, he will be at The Orchard Cider Festival enjoying a cider in the sunshine.

“I don’t know if I’m a cider fan but I’ll definitely will be on the day! When in Rome, hey?” Trent laughs.

Guitarist, drummer and songwriter Sean Kemp, however, is fairly definitive about his opinion on the drink being celebrated at the festival in Light Square.

“I love cider,” Sean says. “It’s a beautiful drink, when not consumed excessively. I’m a big fan of apple cider with plenty of ice on a hot summer’s day,” he says.

Sean Kemp will be rocking his solo stuff at The Orchard.
Sean Kemp will be rocking his solo stuff at The Orchard.

Sean, who also plays in Adelaide band Surviving Sharks, will be rocking his solo act (joined by his brother) at The Orchard and is pretty keen to be a part of it.

“I’m looking forward to playing for people who may not normally get to see or hear me. Festivals are brilliant that way, I’ve discovered. I’m on at 3pm which is a great festival slot,” he says.

“It’s usually a time when punters are most attentive and preparing for the night ahead. This year my brother Drew will be joining me on additional guitar and backing vocals.”

Sean has supported the likes of Hot Chocolate and Boney M, and opened for Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley.

He’s played festivals, venues, weddings, parties and probably hens’ nights too; but this year, he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve and aces to play.

“I’m about to do a tour with my new line-up, which I’ll reveal soon. Then I’m off to Los Angeles and Hollywood for shows and good times,” he says.

“When I come back I’ll do some more support shows and have plans to work with some great musicians in Adelaide on a new recording. So, this year is looking like an exciting one!”

Trent Worley and Sean Kemp make up a stellar line up of musicians at what looks to be an exciting festival this year.

As well as live music, food, and ciders by Aussie Cider, Hills Cider, Appelation, Keller Meister and Three Oaks Cider Co, there will be tunes by DJ Pebble Snatcher and live broadcasting by Hit 107.

Supported by Splash Adelaide, The Orchard Festival in Light Square will be a great, free event to ring in the festival season.

Gates open 12pm and festivities go until 9pm.

By Libby Parker

Photos courtesy of Trent Worley and Sean Kemp