Seth Sentry has added another Adelaide show to his Run tour next month.

Seth SentryThe man who brought us ‘The Waitress Song’ will play two all ages gigs at The Gov on the 21st and 22nd of March.

Celebrating the release of the new single ‘Run’ from his forthcoming album, Seth is keen to get over to Adelaide to play to an all ages crowd.

“Adelaide tend to let you have all-ages gigs,” he says. “We don’t get to do that in other states so if I can, I will. In Melbourne, you can’t mingle under-age kids and adults.”

“When you do an all ages gig, you think maybe you’ll have some 17-year-olds, but when I did my first Gov gig with Horrorshow, I didn’t know it was all-ages and we were doing the show and I looked down and there were some 12-year-olds at the front. It was weird, but it was awesome! They’re the most well behaved fans ever. They just stand there captivated. They don’t heckle!”

Currently living in Melbourne but having grown up in Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula, Seth hasn’t spent much time in Adelaide; his main memory being of one of our less appetising culinary offerings.

“I’ve played here a bunch of times and played at the Gov a few times but I haven’t really spent much time actually in Adelaide. I came up and worked with Trials on my last album for a few days but I don’t really know Adelaide,” he says.

“I know that when I was a kid, we went there for a holiday and we got a thing from a caravan called a pie-floater. It’s like an Adelaide thing apparently and it was an awful, awful thing.”

Seth Sentry emerged on to the hip hop scene in 2003 when he played his first public gigs with Melbourne hip hop/drum ‘n’ bass outfit D.S.O.L.

Skip forward to 2009 and Seth reached number 31 on Triple J’s Hottest 100 with ‘The Waitress Song’; jump ahead again to 2013 and Seth is performing ‘Dear Science’ on Jimmy Kimmel live in the US.

But despite quick and impressive success, Seth just takes it all in his stride and enjoys the ride.

“I don’t really think about it. I just do what I do. It’s all about writing the best music I can write. That’s why I take two to three years to write albums; the first one took me five years. I’m not in any rush to blow up; I just want to write good music that I’m happy with. Cool things have happened though, the Jimmy Kimmel thing was amazing. I never really anticipated that at all,” he says.

“I wanted to be a rapper because I like rap and I liked writing. My mum pushed writing on us because she’s very academic, and said we needed an outlet. So I started writing and I listened to rap music so I naturally gravitated towards that. But I was the only dude who listened to rap in my whole high school so maybe I liked that too; that it was just me. I found my cool, edgy thing like every teenager needs.”

Seth’s signature narrative driven lyrics do not disappoint in his new single, ‘Run’, which is based on stories from his hometown.

“It’s funny that all the kids from the Peninsula are hitting me up saying they’re loving it because I’m kind of dissing out the place I grew up; but the kids that grew up there are loving it so that’s cool,” he laughs.

“I get the stories from my life. Even songs I think I’ve made up with fictional characters, upon hindsight I realise that’s just something that happened to me.”

Now that ‘Run’ is available to purchase, Seth will be working, in between touring, towards releasing the new album this year.

“The album is pretty much written now so we’re going into hard core recording stage and then we’re good! Then I have an album. Not sure when we’ll see it but it’ll be this year,” he says.

But audiences won’t have to wait until the release to hear his new stuff because he’ll be trying some of it out on them on this tour.

“I’m planning on doing a few new songs because it’s always good to road test them. It’s a whole new set so my DJ, Sizzle, and me are going to go through and restructure everything. It’s a whole new show because I get bored really easily,” he says.

Grab tickets to Seth Sentry’s all ages gig at The Gov here and download ‘Run’ here

By Libby Parker