Seth Sentry is back with his new single, “Run” from his forthcoming album due for release this year.

“Run” follows Seth’s signature narrative-driven lyrics and smooth grooves formula. It’s like house hiphop with a sense of humour and a good message. It’s like catching up with an old mate, having a laugh, a yarn and feeling the love.

Seth SentrySeth has a way of drawing you in to his stories, only to realise you’re fully immersed and hanging on his every word. Couple that with the accompanying vocals and samples, and it’s like campfire bliss. “Run” is no exception to that. He’s the guy who brought us “The Waitress Song” which, if you recall, is incredibly smile-inducing.

“Run” is about growing up in a small town, getting into trouble, running from cops and being a smart arse. It also appears to be a bit of a pisstake of those still doing all that.

With a melodic chorus and a bluesy guitar loop, “Run” has much to offer. If this new single is a reflection of the anticipated album, there should be a lot to like about it.

“Run” is available on iTunes now via High Score Records.