Among a plethora of sexy musical circuses with death defying acrobatics and hilarious characters, how can any one show stand out over the others?

Director Craig Ilot (Smoke and Mirrors) has found a way with his latest creation, Velvet by adding disco and Marcia Hines.

VelvetThe party has started by the time the audience enters the Vagabond Theatre at The Garden of Unearthly Delight as the dancing ushers direct people to their seats.

From then on it’s a visual and aural feast for the senses as the performers take us on an adventure of song, dance and circus tricks.

Singer Brendan McClean plays an awkward, shy hotel worker who eventually finds his sparkle and Marcia Hines plays her stunning, elegant, sexy self – seriously, the woman doesn’t age.

Supported and complemented by backing singers/dancers Chaska Halliday and Rechelle Mansour, Velvet is a boogie wonderland, and these young women are disco divas.

Joe Accaria provides percussion on an electronic drum machine and is surrounded by an air of mystique and dark charisma.

Craig Reid supplies the laughs as the unlikely, yet extremely talented hoop-master while a very sexy Perle Noire adds the burlesque element.

However, the New Orleans Burlesque queen defies the traditional role of the burlesque performer by taking a more aggressive, dominant approach, and it’s hot; sizzling, in fact.

Stephen Williams, Emma Goh and Mirko Kockenberger are outstanding as the sultry circus performers, balancing, swinging and summersaulting their way through the show.

While each performer was outstanding, they worked beautifully as an ensemble and one couldn’t help but leave utterly elated at the end.

Costumes by James Browne could receive a five star rating in their own right, with every single piece just as much of a spectacle as the talented cast themselves.

9230_VELVET_ARTWORK_350x350_EFUL_GUIDE__EFUL_WEBVelvet is smooth, sexy, luscious, exciting, heartwarming and damn good fun.

Don’t miss Velvet – The Show; it’s on until March 15 so grab your tickets through FringeTix.

By Libby Parker