This Mad March festival season is serving up a plethora of exciting things  for our eyes and ears and one of those offerings is WA band Dallas Royal.


dallas royal 2The regional West Australians are coming here to play a week of dates and soak in some of our festival vibe. 

  Among their gigs, Mitch Baker, (vocals), Tal Driscoll (drums), Brad Sims (guitar), Jarrad McGuire (guitar) and Billy Cherry (bass) will be joining Adelaide legends Surviving Sharks at the Royal Oak, North Adelaide.

 The band, who have supported the likes of Jebediah and Grinspoon have never been to Adelaide before and front man Mitch says they’re pretty keen to come and play for us. 

 “We haven’t been there at all so it’s a new experience for us. We haven’t done a massive amount of touring but we’re looking at starting to do more of it this year. We’re going to kick it and see how we go and get a bit of experience around Australia and get the music out there,” he says. 

 “We got the gig through Steve Noble (Noble Events and Touring). We caught up with him when we supported Phil Jamieson (Grinspoon) in WA. We were talking to Steve and he said we should come over to Adelaide this year. Then he invited us over there and said we’d do really well; so we thought why the hell not?” 

 Why the hell not indeed! And although, the guys, who have recently recorded a new single, will be flat out and won’t get to see much Fringe Fest, they’re committed to rocking every venue they play. 

 “We’re going to be so flat ‘nana around the joint but we’ll try to follow what we can. We’ve got a heap of shows around Adelaide so we’re sort of jumping around the spot. We’re doing something at Glenelg, we’re doing the Royal Oak show at The Fringe, and we’ve got the Crown and Sceptre so I don’t know how many acts we’ll be able to see at Fringe but hopefully we get to catch some,” Mitch says.

 “We’ve got four gigs over five days so we’re coming over short and sharp and going to bang out some dates. We’ve jumped in the studio to lay down a single that we’ll hopefully have by Adelaide so that’s pretty exciting. It’s called ‘Skin Walker’. We’re supporting an album launch for Trent Worley while we’re over there too.”


dallas royalAt this stage, Dallas Royal will be playing Royal Oak (12 March) and Jetty Bar (14 March) with Surviving Sharks and Crown and Sceptre with Trent Worley (13 March) with another gig to be confirmed.

 Taking a leap to get out and tour around Australia is a new and exciting adventure for the band who have already established themselves as a quality rock act at home in WA. 

 Mitch says by coming down to SA, they are hoping to build a wider audience and get their music into more ears. 

 “For us, the biggest thing is that we hope everyone likes our tunes and it’s getting exposure and getting our music into some new ears and getting some more fans around Australia. We’re regional WA, so we’re country based, which is sometimes hard for us to make waves around WA but we’ve been pretty lucky. We’ve picked up some good shows and played a few festivals. We’ve had a lot of help from Noah Shilkin who’s the Vice President of WAM (West Australian Music). He’s helped pave the way for us and we’ve had a whole heap of other crew who’ve been pretty handy in that regard,” he says. 

 “Even just in my town (Dunsborough) there is so much talent it’s ridiculous, and they’re taking all these massive festivals like Soundwave and Big Day Out away from us. Clearly for financial reasons but I don’t know what we can do. It’s kind of good though because it’s drawing us out. It’s making us chase it because that’s what we want to do and we want people to get out there and we want people to see it and enjoy it.” 

 Their new single ‘Skin Walker’ is pending release, hopefully by the time the guys hit Adelaide, but Dallas Royal are unsure yet when an album may follow.

 “I reckon eventually we’ll record an album but I’m trying to keep up with what’s best. I mean, is it best to release ten singles or one album? In the world we’re in now where everything is digital, is it good to keep fresh with singles or is it good to give everyone an album to sit and listen to over and over again?” Mitch queries. 

“With iPods and stuff, people just slap everything on a playlist anyway and if they don’t like all your tracks, they won’t put them on. So if you write some good tracks and singles and if they want to listen to you, they can come to your shows and listen; but eventually we’ll record all our good tracks. We did an EP back in 2012 called She Said and that was a five track EP, and prior to that, we’d done a single. We’ve got another EP recorded but we didn’t really want to release it because we weren’t entirely happy with the whole thing. Over time, those tracks will probably come out.” 

 Dallas Royal will play at Royal Oak Hotel with Surviving Sharks on March 12 and entry is free so check out this WA act who are promising hijinks and good music. 

 “We’re hoping to get a bit of traction from the shows so hopefully everyone enjoys it. We’re going to have a good time. There’s be a lot of party antics probably. A bit of trouble, a lot of fun and some good tunes, I reckon,” Mitch laughs. 

 By Libby Parker