SETH SENTRY RUNS RIOT AT THE GOV – Live music review, March 2015

To celebrate the release of his single, ‘Run’, Seth Sentry is playing shows across the country.
Last night, Adelaide hosted the rapper, renowned for his narrative-driven lyrics, for the first of his two night run of all ages shows at The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel.

Supported by Coin Banks and Citizen Kay, Seth was pleasantly surprised at the liveliness of the Adelaide crowd, making mention of their energy several times.

Melbourne DJ Sizzle supplied the beats and some banter while Seth did what he does best – tell his yarns.

And the crowd love him for it; there were very few in the sold-out gig who didn’t know every word to his songs and there was barely a hand that wasn’t in the air.

Seth SentryHigh energy, full volume larrikinism was on offer which was coupled with an impressive stunt by DJ Sizzle where he scaled across the lighting grid, dropped into the waiting arms of the audience, who carried him to the bar to grab a beer then ferried him back to the stage.

The extraordinary feat almost had its thunder stolen by an enthusiastic fan who swung from the ceiling before Sizzle could get to it, but her moment quickly passed and the DJ achieved his death defying stunt complete with a skolled beer.

Highlights, apart from the swinging from the ceiling thing, were ‘My Scene’, ‘The Waitress Song’, new single ‘Run’ and when Citizen Kay and Coin Banks returned to the stage to join the duo.

DJ Sizzle is carried to the bar for a beer.
DJ Sizzle is carried to the bar for a beer.

Seth Sentry is such an affable, accessible rapper without sacrificing any of his cool; he loves telling his tales, he hates hospitality and he is an exceptional showman who clearly loves to perform.

Seth plays again tonight in Adelaide at The Gov. Tickets may still be available but hurry, the show is likely to sell out.

Check out more pics from the gig in our gallery!

By Libby Parker

Photos by Matthew Trainor and Libby Parker