To say Plague of Idiots is side-splitting humour would be no exaggeration; there is rarely a moment where the audience isn’t guffawing or wiping away tears of laughter.

The ringmaster of this absurd circus is Monsieur Loyal who attempts to persuade, dissuade and control his group of unruly performers into some form of order, without much success.

Clowns Lou Lou, Hanquin Squirrel, Pesto, and Mariano perform a series of short sketches, both solo and as an ensemble, with scenarios ranging from the silly to the downright ridiculous.

Physical comedy is at the forefront of this show and our festival has rarely seen a troupe so purposefully skilled in this area, without the use of acrobatics or burlesque.

Relying on their talent and aptitude, the group build connections with the audience and improvise on these interactions while creating a pseudo narrative calling back on the interactions to enhance the comedy.

The troupe of five Gaulier-trained actors from Italy, France, Australia and England truly know their craft and execute it with the wherewithal of absolute professionals, and one can sense the enjoyment they get out of performing.

Simple, yet incredibly clever scenes have been developed, as well as comic call-backs, audience interaction and some pretty bizarre prop usage; Plague of Idiots is the complete comedy package.

This is traditional clowning in a contemporary setting at its absolute best.

Rating: 4.5 stars

By Libby Parker