SHE’S STILL GOT IT; SHE’S WOW! Kylie Minogue Kiss Me Once Tour – live music review, March 2015

Anyone who has ever doubted the divine Ms M’s talent or ability to knock an audience’s socks off need only attend Tuesday night’s Kiss Me Once concert.

image (1)Playing at Adelaide Entertainment Centre and supported by Betty Who and legendary disco king Giorgio Moroder, Kylie Minogue was on song from start to finish.

Opening with ‘Les Sex’, she rose up from below the stage on a giant pair of pursed lips wearing a red, corseted dress.

‘In My Arms’ saw her sporting boundless energy and endless sex appeal as she and her dancers sashayed, shimmied and strut across the stage.

Kylie puts on a great show; she always has, but this time something was different to her previous concerts.

Along with the catchy hits, gorgeous dancers, stunning costumes and spectacular set, Kylie was chatty, comfortable, funny, confident and incredibly relaxed.

She chatted with the audience, made jokes, laughed at herself and seemed more at home than ever before.

Looking around, every person was wearing a smile and it seemed as though she could feel it too.

At times, she was enjoying chatting with the crowd so much, she forgot to segue into the next number, which she also thought was funny.

Kylie looked really happy and humbled by the thousands of fans who absolutely adore her.

‘Step Back in Time’, ‘Your Disco Needs You’ and ‘Wow’ were amongst the hits on the setlist, every one of which she sang flawlessly.

Giorgio Moroder came back out to play ‘Right Here, Right Now’ with her before she enjoyed a fangirl moment and had us all sing Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ with her.

To thank her followers for the success of her career, she played an ‘80s medley where the dancers were dressed as Barbie and Ken dolls (a little like Scott and Sharlene perhaps?); choreography was magnificent, making the medley a winning combination of hilarious and sexy as hell.

Even ‘Locomotion’ got a run, which she prefaced by saying it was a demo tape she made when she was a teenager and she never dreamed it would take her so far.

From a black and silver, sequined, futuristic number with matching boots to a flowing powder-blue gown, Kylie’s costumes were resplendent.

To complement the spectacle was an impressive light and laser show which the singer described as the best disco in town, probably the world!

This, her 14th concert did not disappoint; in fact, any fence sitters (I’m looking at you, husbands and boyfriends) would have quickly become fans.

Finishing with ‘All the Lovers’ which saw buckets of confetti raining down upon an appreciative audience, Kylie then returned for an encore of ‘Into the Blue’.

Kylie Minogue is the ultimate showgirl and she is better than ever.

By Libby Parker