Fat Amy and the rest of the Barden Bellas return in the sequel to the 2012 hit in Pitch Perfect 2.

The film begins as the a cappella group disgrace themselves in front of a very prestigious audience and are threatened by the possibility of the group being dissolved.

Luckily, the clever songstresses strike a deal with the Dean and the commentators for the ICCAs that if they can win the a cappella world championships, they can reclaim their glory as Barden College’s musical sweethearts.

PItch perfectCue mischief, montage and mammary gags as the girls skip around a convoluted plot to get to an underwhelming climax.

The first film was the second highest grossing music comedy film behind School of Rock and might have been a hard act to follow, but this meagre attempt struggles to even nip at the heels of its predecessor.

Rebel Wilson’s quirky performance and well placed fart jokes give the film some life but aside from that, Pitch Perfect 2 is less than perfect.

Lovers of the first film will enjoy the comic callbacks, but may be disappointed by the lack of substantial plot and logic.

Many of the jokes fall flat and one is left to wonder whether the casual racism and blatant sexism disguised as humour was vetted by anyone during the making of the film; perhaps.

Pitch Perfect’s only saving grace is the music, which is stunningly produced and performed, in an otherwise cringe worthy experience.

Pitch Perfect 2 opens in cinemas May 7th thanks to Universal Pictures.

By Libby Parker