Siamese are a four-piece alternative rock/grunge/shoegaze outfit from Adelaide.

As a brand new project, Siamese are made up of Gabi (bass), Baden (drums), Tom (guitar/vocals) and Gabe (guitar).

Having recently formed by front-man, Tom, Siamese’s current line-up got together through a mutual desire to write and play.

“The band originally had three other friends in it, but due to musical differences and a lack of motivation I thought it would be for the best if I found some other members that shared the same musical views as me,” Tom says. “One of my best mates, Baden had recently started up drumming and he had gotten quite good at it, so, we started jamming in his back room and creating bits and pieces of songs.”

10420028_10202857584559745_4386153928142667065_n“My friend Angus then suggested a bassist, Gabi,” he continues. “We all got together and started writing and writing until we had a few decent songs. I felt like I was limited with one guitar so I invited my other friend Gabe to play guitar for our show.”

Bassist, Gabi, has only last year finished high school and is currently juggling the band and her new university studies, which she says she’s learning to balance.

“I’m studying Media Arts at Flinders University. It can often be quite difficult to juggle assignments and band practice but I have learnt to prioritise. When I have a project due, I focus on that but when we have something important on for the band, like a gig or a recording, I will make that my priority,” she says.

Siamese have recently played to a crowd for the first time, which Tom says was successful, but the band is now focussed on their debut recording.

“We played our first gig at the first ever Swirl Records House Party. It was basically 50 or so people in a backyard moshing and jumping around. It was really cool to have that sort of support for our first gig. We don’t have any shows planned in the future at the moment, since we are recording our EP. But there is another Swirl show in the mix, as well as some pub shows,” he says.

Despite being so new on the scene, the group has some serious goals and is committed to launching their work this year.

“Once we finish this EP, we are hoping it will get us some exposure so we can just gig and write for the rest of the year. Hopefully we’ll release a few two track EPs along the way and then probably start working on an album next year,” drummer Baden says.

Citing influences like The Smashing Pumpkins, Pavement, Blur, HUM, Nothing and Violent Soho, the young band are producing an eclectic sound with an original feel.

Siamese are driven to succeed and they’re working hard to get their music onto the scene, so when they get out there, look out for them and give them some support – they are worthy of it.

By Libby Parker