TOUCH’ Film Review

The latest Australian film to be making waves at overseas film festivals is Touch, a production from SA Film Corp’s FilmLab.

Having premiered at the Sydney Film Festival, Touch  has screened at the Byron Bay International Film Festival and will feature later this year at Cannes Antipodean Festival, and St Tropez Film Festival.

Written and directed by Christopher Houghton and produced by Julie Byrne, Touch is a mystery about a woman on the run with her young daughter.

TOUCH-Poster-2015-V13-389x218Starring Leeanna Walsman, Matt Day, Greg Hatton and Onor Nottle, the film, shot entirely in South Australia, follows Dawn and her daughter Steph as they hide out in a rural hotel after Dawn commits a violent assault.

But there’s a man hot on her heels (played by Matt Day) and things are not as they seem; Dawn is hiding something and doesn’t know who she can trust; possibly not even herself.

Capturing some stunning cinematography, Touch is an original and unique story with some exceptional characterisation.

Leeanna Walsman and Onor Nottle create some beautiful, natural moments as mother and daughter, with  Nottle’s performance being admirably strong for such a young performer.

As the film ambles along, tension is built through Dawn’s risky and volatile relationship with a local police officer played by Greg Hatton.

Matt Day is wonderful in his role as the bad guy, who may just be misunderstood, and Hatton completes the picture of sinister males contrasted with the vulnerable females.

Through twists and turns, we discover there’s more to this story than meets the eye, however, one needs a pretty keen eye to be able to see it.

At the film’s end, the mystery is revealed and it is, indeed a clever one, but a few of the clues scattered throughout the narrative are perhaps a little too subtle to be effective.

The film moves very slowly until a fast paced ending where most of the puzzle pieces come together.

Despite the meandering plot, the film is visually beautiful and the actors’ performances are excellent.

Touch is in cinemas now.

Reviewed by Libby Parker