Bulls on Parade are Adelaide’s own Rage Against the Machine cover band, and they’re playing this weekend.

The guys are generously giving away two double passes to the show; details at the end of the article.

bulls (16)bWe spoke with drummer Jamie Kuijpers during our 16 for ’16 about the band, the gig and what it’s like to be emulating the prevalent pioneers of a very unique genre of rock.

“The four guys in the band, including myself, have always been huge fans of Rage. Troy, the guitarist, went to Europe for a number of years and played in a Rage tribute band over there and they were quite popular. When he came back, he returned with the idea,” says Jamie about how the band formed.

Famous for their angry, protest rap metal, which was very influential to the nu metal scene, Rage Against the Machine formed in 1991 and are still touring.

Bulls on Parade, named after a Rage song, are Craig (bass), Jamie (drums) Troi  (guitar) and Mick (vocals), all of whom Jamie says are dedicated to recreating the RATM sound.

“From a music point of view, we try to emulate the band as much as we possibly can. If you come to a show, listen to all the guitar noises. Troi has spent a lot of time trying to figure out what Tom Morello does. The core Rage sound is the guitar stuff. Getting the bulls (2)rhythm section working is just about being a good rhythm section and getting in that groove, but the noises that come out of that guitar are key to it,” Jamie says.

“We rehearsed for 12 months before we even had a gig. Our focus was on sounding tight. With the vocals, although Mick isn’t the same register or tone as Zack, he does it really well; he does the rap and screaming really well. There’s definitely the energy of Rage when we play a live gig. With the non-musical side of Rage, you won’t necessarily see us protesting or anything like that, although we have similar beliefs. Where we try to emulate Rage more, though, is in their tone and in their sound, their energy and how they put on a show. Energy is a big part of a Rage gig.”

IMG_8973The diverse audiences at Bulls on Parade’s gigs show the original material and the band itself are still relevant and very much loved.

“Audiences are a mixed bag; it depends on where we play. We’ve been really surprised, at some shows, how young the crowds are. I’ll look out sometimes and, I’m in my mid forties, and the front rows will be young kids jumping around, having a ball. At one gig, there was a young girl, maybe 22, and she was right down the front with all these guys falling and jumping around her and she held her ground and knew every word to every song. It was awesome,” Jamie says.

“Then there are other gigs where you won’t see anyone under the age of forty. They’re the die hard fans; the ones who have followed the band many years. We try to play stuff off all four albums, but the first album has the most recognised songs, so we play pretty much all of the first album. But we have snippets of everything, even Renegades.”

Also on the bill at a venue Jamie loves to play at are an original band and another tribute bandIMG_9105. 

“We’ve got Favour the Brave, who are an Adelaide original band and the Chili Peppers tribute band, Funky Monks. We’ve known Funky Monks for many years. You wouldn’t normally put Rage Against the Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers in the same genre, but because of the funky style of music, and Rage is a very hip hop/funk oriented style of music too, even if it is a bit heavier, it works really well. They’re all really good guys too,” he says.

“We’ve done a few shows at Enigma with different bands and it just has a great vibe to it. 1923262_1757786974444329_488602242740515801_nIt’s a small venue, but when you get 150 people in there and they start jumping around, it’s pretty cool. It’s an intimate setting but the PA cranks and the lighting is good. Enigma Bar is also really supporting of live music, whether it’s originals or covers.”

Bulls on Parade play Enigma Bar from 9pm on Saturday February 13, with tickets at the door or through Moshtix.


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Bulls on Parade are Adelaide’s own Rage Against the Machine cover band, and they’re playing this weekend. The guys are…

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