If you’re looking for a sweet and satisfying event this Fringe, look no further than Candy Chambers is Degusting at Entropy.

Candy is well known in Adelaide as our town’s favourite American import, direct from IMG_8806 (1)‘Chatta-nougat in Tennessee’ and she’ll be getting to know her dinner guests over a five course degustation and a show.

Offering a live band, delicious local food and live art, Candy Chambers is Degusting is sure to satisfy your appetite for South Australian talent.

“It all came about through Kate Pulford, who is a local artist and an archivist at the library,” Candy explains. “Her idea was that we should do a show at Entropy. So we got together with the guys at Entropy, which is a fabulous venue. I mean, it’s not as classy as I would have liked, with its corrugated iron, but it’s still really lovely and looks really nice at night with some lights.

“Anyway, we decided to concoct a degustation entertainment collaboration. We’ve got five and a half courses, and you can order wine packages too. We’ve got cheeky beef cheeks, and clam and crocodile chowder, chicken wings with a hot salsa sauce and for dessert, there’s something gorgeous with Persian fairy floss. Entropy do 100% local South Australian products, don’t you know.”

Candy is charismatic, charming and chatty, and she’s looking forward to telling tales of her life back home over a wine and a song.

“It’s going to be a fun night. I’ve got my four-piece band, so we’re going to be singing lots of songs, eating lots of food and drinking lots of wine. Peter McLaughlin is the chef and he is wonderful,” she says.

“I’m looking forward to catching up with some old friends and making some new ones. I’m looking forward to tasting all the delicious treats. I’m so excited. All dietary types will 9927_Candy-Chambers-is-Degusting_EFUL_GUIDEbe taken take of: vegetarians, vegans, celiac, IBS; poor things. There is something for everyone.”

When creating the show, Candy decided she wanted to do something with a bit of flavour, so she has chosen her favourite food and music for your viewing and chewing pleasure.

“I started writing my show and I wanted to make it a bit more four dimensional. What we’ve done is, I talk about a few things here and there, and we’ve tried to take certain ingredients to reflect back to what I spoke about and then they’re there on your plate. For example, I asked if we could do a lovely pumpkin pie just like my Grandmammy Celeste would make, God bless her cotton picking socks,” she says, reminiscing about the old country.

“So we’re doing Celeste’s pumpkin pie. I’m singing a lot of sexy, food related songs; not so many show tunes this year. We’ve got a little bit of Ann-Margret and Julie London in there. I wanted it to be loungey. I’m not sure if it’s turned out that way, but I’m really enjoying the song list. I’ve got a little bit of Reba McEntire and John Denver; we’re going to take a trip way down south and jump up and down on grandma’s feather bed. It’s going to be a hoot.”

If you’re wondering what to wear to the event, Candy, who is famous for her stunning ensembles, says comfort is key.

“I’ve got a couple of new frocks on the make. Not quite as many sequins, but I do have one sequined number. My outfits are fairly loungey and comfortable, considering this heat, and the food; I need something to grow with me. Although I don’t think I’ll be eating much in the show. There’s nothing worse than a lady trying to sing a song with a chicken wing hanging out her mouth. I’ll have a little nibble as I go, though,” she purrs.

Although Candy is looking forward to meeting new people at her shows, she’s not on the lookout for love; but she is on the hunt for stimulating conversation.

“I have been engaged eleven times so I’m over all that, but I’d love to fall in love with someone who can handle all the women that I am; although I’m quite happy to fall in love with someone every other day for an hour or two.  And that is what my show is about: love and food. We can’t live on bread alone. We’ll be discussing all those no-nos you can’t discuss over dinner. I’m not much for politics and we’ll leave out religion, so it’s mostly sex,” she says.

Fringe time in Adelaide is a fantastic time of year, but Candy says it’s even better when we support our homegrown talent.

“I love the culture at Fringe! The city really comes alive. The weather is beautiful. It’s a wonderful time of year. Everybody is out and about to enjoy Adelaide for all of its beautiful qualities. Hopefully this year people will support local artists,” she says.

“There are some really talented people in this city that deserve a good shot, or at least to make their money back on their production, because it’s not just about getting out there on stage; there’s a lot of things at stake. Advertising, venue hire and registration for the Fringe cost money. I urge Adelaide people to get behind local artists. It’s going to be a great festival.”

Candy Chambers is Degusting is available to book through Fringetix and will show on February 20 and 21.

By Libby Parker
Feature photo by Libby Parker


Libby Parker
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