Louise Messenger is a superb performer: she’s funny, energetic, sassy, talented, engaging and has a stunning voice.

Her show, A Sentimental Journey – The Music of Doris Day, is a wonderful tribute to a woman 10184_A-Sentimental-Journey_EFUL_GUIDEwho has won a place in the hearts of many.

Sunday’s show was sold out and the audience were predominately from a generation of people who would have seen Doris’ career progression first hand; they knew all the songs and a lot of the real joy came from their reaction when Louise would begin performing another one of their favourites.

Doris was famous for being demure, (turning down the role of Mrs Robinson because she thought it vulgar), and Louise brought a demure demeanour, but charmed her crowd with her cheekiness and charisma.

She told us stories from her own life, stories from Doris’ life, some lesser known facts about the star, and toward the end of the show, we realised it was a family affair when she introduced her husband Sam on the double bass and her daughter Chloe, who sang and played ukulele.

Chloe’s voice is quite similar to Louise’s and they sound gorgeous together – Chloe is a stand out performer in her own right, and I look forward to hearing her name around the music scene more.

The Jade Monkey is a wonderful venue; it looks great, it serves drinks, food and coffee, has a beer garden, and the sound is excellent – it suits all manner of shows, with this one being no exception.

Even if you’re not a fan of Doris Day, Louise Messenger is worth seeing because she puts on a stellar show.

There’s one show left on Wednesday so grab your tickets fast, because this one will sell out.

4.5 stars

Reviewed by Libby Parker


Libby Parker
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