Walking into a Hans show, one often ponders how the Berlin Boy Wonder could possibly better his previous show, but somehow, he always does.

One of the hardest working performers in Adelaide, Hans (AKA Matt Gilbertson) never does the same thing twice; he strives to make every show more spectacular and outrageous than the last.

unspecifiedViva Hans Vegas is most certainly no exception to that strategy; there’s even more glitz, tonnes of glamour, and the tricks and jokes are even more daring than his previous extravaganzas.

He’s not wrong when he says Maggie Beer’s Pheasant Farm may suffer a shortage due to his splendiferous costumes, all hand made by his mother, which are complemented by a wonderful lighting display.

Matt Gilbertson’s voice is strong, with excellent song choices, and the dance routines are energetic and nicely choreographed.

An impressive addition to the event is some rather incredible acrobatics, which added to the variety and kept the well-structured show running; there was constant entertainment from start to finish.

Viva Hans Vegas is the perfect Adelaide Fringe Festival treat; it’s funny, exciting, toe-tapping entertainment and, to quote Hans, a “Las Vegas spectacular on a Hindley Street budget” – and even better, you’re also supporting local talent!

Singing songs from popular Vegas headliners like Britney, JLo, Celine and Sinatra, Hans is accompanied by his super slick band, The Ungrateful Bastards, and his gorgeous dancers, The Lucky Bitches.

There’s death defying tricks, crowd participation, piano accordion antics, and plenty of surprises – it’s your usual Hans fare, only bigger and better.

5 stars

By Libby Parker
Photo by PhotoJo


Libby Parker is a journalist, teacher and life enthusiast.
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