Adelaide singer songwriter Kylie Brice will launch her EP Broken and Beautiful as a special and unique celebration at Adelaide’s newest Fringe hub.

Including pre-show catering and a visual art exhibition, Kylie is looking forward to kylie brice picpresenting her work to people who may not otherwise get out to gigs.

“I found that because my music is very intimate, the people who enjoy it aren’t necessarily the people who would go out to gigs, pubs and places I’d normally perform at. At Fringe time, more people are out and about and getting into the vibe,” she says.

“I thought if I launch it then, more people might come out. Also, last year, I did some busking with the Salisbury council and they asked me if I wanted to do a Fringe show. They’ve given me so much support so I lined it up with my EP launch, because I thought if I was going to do a Fringe show, I’d make it something really special.”

A member of the Salisbury area since moving there two years ago, Kylie has found the council to be incredibly supportive of her creative endeavours, and she is thrilled to be using the Salisbury Institute to host her launch.

“The Salisbury Institute is quite historic and beautiful. It has a really nice feel, a beautiful stage and great acoustics. They’ll set up a wine and beer garden out front; it’s got a really cool vibe. It really fits. And the acoustics are beautiful, I went to lots of shows there last year and the sound was great,” she says.

As well as a visual art exhibition, the Broken and Beautiful launch will be supported by fellow Adelaide musician Susan Lily, hot off the back of her appearance at Tamworth Kylie Brice 1Country Music Festival.

“When I was thinking about Fringe I wanted to explore more than just the music; I wanted to explore the arts in general. I’ve got four local artists creating pieces around the theme of broken and beautiful. I really wanted to add a bit more, so people are hearing stories and the music, but are also able to visually see the theme; and the venue is perfect for that,” she says.

“Susan Lily has got a very powerful voice. She’s been doing really well Australia wide on various country music charts. I met her through the Adelaide music scene and I just love her. She’s very enthusiastic and bubbly, with a big personality. I thought she’d be a really positive person to open up the show and set the scene for when I come on with the band; big voice, beautiful person and different enough from me so that it will really add something to the show.”

Kylie has undergone growth and development as a person and as a musician over the past few years, and she tells her stories through Broken and Beautiful.

Since becoming a mother, she went on a journey of self-discovery and decided to take a chance and share her music with the public, and we’re glad she has.

“I’ve only just started taking my music more seriously in the last two years. As a teenager, I used to write songs, and it was a very private thing for me. I didn’t sing in front of many people until recently. I’m 29 so it wasn’t until I was 27 that I started more confidently singing in front of other people and moving from being a songwriter to being a singer songwriter,” she says.

“It also wasn’t until I was a mum, too. That’s been one of the most important changes in my life that has had the biggest effect on my music. It made me think if I was going to do it, I’d have to get over my insecurities. I really love sharing my songs, so I’ve had to work on those self-esteem issues and being vulnerable because I want to be a good role model for my son. I want him to go for his dreams. It’s been two years of getting out of my comfort zone and going for it.”

Now that she has fought through some of her insecurities, Kylie is ready to share and help others, something she loves doing and wants to continue with in future.

“I’m sharing my music with people regularly now, but I want to be putting my music where isn’t always there. I’ve been a guest artist at self-care workshops where I’ve spoken about mental health, shared my journey and put music into that presentation. That’s a big part of what I really love; the self-care and mental wellness and presenting it through my music, through my songs and being creative,” she says.

“Many of my early songs were very dark when I was going through things, so I had my brave face on for the world. Then how I really felt came through my songs, so the theme for my EP is broken and beautiful. It’s about me trying to embrace the brokenness of myself rather than trying to hide it or pretend I’m something I’m not.  The songs I’ve chosen have been ones people have really connected with when I’ve shared my story.

“They’re all very vulnerable songs. I’ve heard other people’s stories in response to those stories. That’s what’s shaped the broken and beautiful theme. A lot of the songs I’m writing now are stronger songs in the sense of me feeling more confident about myself. I felt I needed to do this before I moved on to that, because I didn’t want to come across as, ‘hey, everything’s good’, without sharing there has been brokenness. I wanted things I shared to be really real with people.”

Kylie Brice will launch her EP Broken and Beautiful tonight at Salisbury Institute, so book your tickets through Fringetix to support this incredibly inspiring artist.

Kylie spoke to us as a part of our 16 for ’16 spectacular. 

Check out her music video for her single ‘Journey to Myself’.

By Libby Parker