If it’s not hard enough to write, publicise and perform a show, cabaret performers take it to a whole other level by baring their soul to total strangers.

That takes a lot of guts and charisma to do that, which is why Amelia Ryan is Lady Liberty is such a great show: because it’s a candid, sentimental show, which is also hysterically funny.

Amelia Ryan is Lady Liberty - pic credit Lloyd Harvey (1)Wheeled in as the Statue of Liberty on a sack truck, bottle of champagne in hand, and dressed in a blue sheet, Amelia is quick to engage the audience and speaks to us as if we are old friends.

Starting by sharing some of her favourite female influencers (like Madonna, Gaga, Angelou, Steinem), Amelia delves into her life experiences from when she was a storm in a D-cup through to her current quest to be a liberated lady.

There’s parody songs, a touch of line dancing, some fantastic political satire, a bit of Disney, a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’, and a whole lot of belly laughs.

Regaling tales of drunken debauchery, her goal to be a world famous cabaret performer and finding the love of her life, Amelia makes good use of props, costumes and the audience to create a well-paced, entertaining piece of theatre.

There’s a narrative, which runs smoothly through the show with no awkward or forced segues, and the band is a tight ensemble who obviously enjoy what they do, because they do it so well.

I will say though, even though it can be enjoyed by everyone, I reckon this one is particularly suited to the ladies; there was more than a little bit of mascara running from tears of laughter; barely a dry eye in the house, in fact.

Amelia is a beautiful singer, she’s fabulously funny and she’s created an incredibly inspiring cabaret show that you should definitely check out this Fringe Festival.

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5 stars

Reviewed by Libby Parker