When Adelaide band, The Serra, put together the Kooky Million gig at Producer’s Bar, they wanted to showcase a range of great bands to get people out to see live music. Seven bands were on the bill on Saturday night, six were local outfits and one was an import from Melbourne.

Each band took to the stage with as much gusto as the last, and the energy of the performers was consistently palpable, which translated to a reasonable crowd who were appreciative of the diverse line up.

Kicking off the night were Sword in Stone, a gritty four piece indie group with some strong elements of Brit pop. They were loads of fun and an excellent way to start proceedings. The vocals were strong and they were an incredibly tight outfit – a great party band.

Perhaps better suited to a later slot on the bill, as the crowd hadn’t quite warmed up yet, Sword in Stone set the tone for the evening.

12894554_10153986872636788_1219093318_oFrom Melbourne, Little Lotus are four piece art rock band who were a contrast to the rest of the bands for the night. They had a cool soundscape, and singer Prudence Illingworth’s hypnotic voice carried well through the venue. While the songs would benefit from more use of bass guitar, Little Lotus have a nice electronic rock blend with some good vocals.

House of Jade were a popular addition to the line up and drew a strong crowd. Louis Donnarumma is the ultimate front man. With his Buckley-esque vocals and his genuine 12443344_10153986873191788_268954535_opassion for music, coupled with his proficient guitar skills, Louis is making waves across the local scene. The band’s set was met with exuberance from the audience and we were left thinking it was perhaps a bit too short.

The seven bands complemented each other quite well, however the time between acts seemed too long and would have benefitted from a DJ playing music in a similar vein to that of the evening – The Black Sorrows at a low background volume did not do much to keep spirits consistent.

12914958_10153986873481788_1407690375_oThe Serra are a terrific live act. Fronted by Angela Vagnini, the five-piece provided a very well put together set of anthemic rock songs. Angela’s voice, accompanied by some kickass riffs make for a perfect match. This band has some serious potential and have a bright future ahead of them. Get out to see them play, you won’t regret it.

Skythief had a bit of a post grunge, Pearl Jam thing going on, and they exploded on to the stage and assaulted our eardrums in the most beautiful way. A high energy vocalist accompanied by a tight band with dual Les Pauls pumping out some serious sound; put Skythief on your list of must-see bands.

12899625_10153986875416788_250490856_oAcross the Atlas know how to write a good song and lead singer Penny knows how to deliver it. Soaring vocals and frenetic guitars sent the audience to the climax they had been working towards at Kooky Million. With a set of lyrically intelligent songs belted out by a front woman with an ability to engage, entertain and charm, Across the Atlas get your blood pumping and your body moving.

Ending the night was Prophets of Impending Doom, which is a bit of a misnomer. Completely lacking in doom, the nine-piece ska band played a range of fun songs, which were executed well. Bringing the brass to the party, the sound is eclectic, even including a band member whose sole responsibility is the cowbell, which he plays impressively well.

The Kooky Million gig’s goal was to showcase a bunch of local bands and get people inspired to attend more live shows. It succeeded in doing this by selecting a great lineup of quality bands at a fantastic live music venue.

Don’t let our music scene become our best kept secret, get out and see local artists.

Review and photos by Libby Parker