This month, a series of rather special and unique gigs will begin at the Bluebee Room.

Singer/songwriters will come together to exhibit their original music in an intimate setting, with the emphasis being on appreciating and enjoying the lyricism and soul of songwriting.

Hosted by Adelaide songstress Kylie Brice, there are three nights in May (13th, 27th) and one in June (10th) and each evening will feature different musicians.
Kylie says the event came about after conversations with BlueBee owner and local music enthusiast, Linda Hamley.

“I’ve enjoyed many gigs at the Bluebee Room. It’s a delightful, intimate little 12524361_1580835568896562_7754874045387839775_nvenue. The owner, Linda is a huge supporter of live, original music. We have had an ongoing conversation about putting on some regular shows that showcase original music in a unique and intimate way, that allows songwriters and the audience to really connect. So we decided to honour the Nashville tradition of ‘Songwriters in the Round’,” Kylie says.

The first gig will present the music of Kylie, Kelly Menhennett and Tim Moore, three of Adelaide’s talented singer/songwriters with a knack for storytelling through song.

Kylie says audiences are in for a treat.

“Three songwriters, sharing their songs one-by-one. You’ll not only hear a range of amazing songs but also the stories behind the songs; what inspired them, how they came to be. Audience members will be invited to be a part of the night too; it will be more of a conversation than a traditional performance,” she says.

“If you’re anything like me, curious and a little bit nosey, and want to know more about the people behind the songs, you’ll love this! If you like catching up with friends and sharing stories over a few bevvies, this will be right up your alley!

“If you’re someone who would rather sit at home and watch Netflix than go out partying on a Friday night, pop on a wooly jumper and snuggle on the couch at the Bluebee Room instead. Our stories will be juicer than the latest drama!”

13219813_1597494833897302_1892026664_nAs decided by a vote on social media, the musicians will play the first original song they wrote (that they’re proud of), which for Kylie, was the one she wrote on a brand new instrument.

“I started writing from a very young age, mostly on piano. It’s hard to pin point the actual first, but when I was 20, I went through a breakup and decided rather than moping around feeling sorry for myself, I would use my new found time to do something I’d always wanted to do: learn guitar!” she says.

“So I asked my dad to teach me a few chords and wrote my first song on guitar, called ‘Doesn’t Make it Easier’. I’ll be sharing it this Friday alongside Tim Moore and Kelly Menhennett, who will also be sharing the first song the wrote that they were proud of.”

Kylie is looking forward to sharing a stage with Tim and Kelly, and, as the host, she’s keen for everyone to come and check out our local talent.

“I am hosting all three events, so I am privileged to play alongside some of Adelaide’s finest songwriters and storytellers. Everyone who is on the line-up are not only talented musicians, but captivating storytellers and pretty amazing people. I am so looking forward to being amongst such a diverse range of artists who share their unique stories in different ways,” she says.

Kelly Menhennett is keen to be involved in Songwriters in the Round at BlueBee Room, and playing songs from her most recent album.

“I was invited to be a part of the night by the lovely Kylie Brice, who is hosting the evening. My set list of songs will be rather improvised, but will most likely feature tunes from my latest album Small Dreams,” she says.

“I’m a great fan of ‘in the round’ shows because it’s a fabulous opportunity for me to listen to some other great acts too! I love the storytelling that comes with these sorts of shows.”

Although she couldn’t recall the first song she ever wrote, when we asked her, Kelly remembers the sentiment of one she composed about struggles back home in rural South Australia.

“Gosh, I wish I could answer this question, but I don’t actually remember my first song! I recall a few lightweight and rather daggy tunes getting spat out before I wrote anything that felt like a real song,” she laughs.

“One of the first I remember was a tune called ‘Stronger Wiser’, a tune written for the farmers back home in the Riverland who were struggling with the drought at the time.”

Songwriters in the Round feature some of SA’s best musical storytellers, so get along to see some of the wonderful talent we have here in our state.

Also featured in the showcase over the series is The Brouhaha, Forte, Tara Carragher and Joe Man Murphy.

Tickets are a measly $10 for three fantastic musicians. The first in the series is Friday, 13th May and doors are open at 7pm.

By Libby Parker