UK alternative punk rock band, Basement are headed back to Adelaide on the back of their recently released album Promise Everything.

Whether or not they can promise everything has yet to be decided, but they are certainly promising some kick arse shows across the country.

Back together after a two year hiatus between 2012-2014, the band are stronger than ever and looking forward to getting back to Australia.

Speaking to us from his bed in East London, front man Andrew Fisher says he can’t wait to 13124958_10153706113682989_5811399553877237405_nreturn down under to play for the people he thinks are the best bit about our country.

“This will be our third time in Australia, but we felt comfortable the first time we went there. It was so good. Everyone was brilliant. We’ve been wanting to come back for a long time so we can’t wait to get back there,” he says.

“I think the people are one of the coolest things about the place. When I say this, I always worry it’s going to be offensive to other people, but everyone in Australia is really normal. So you see what I mean, that it might be perceived as offensive to other people, but everyone there is so down to earth; there’s no pretence. Everyone puts themselves forward as exactly who they are. It’s so cool. Whether it’s the families of people we’ve stayed with, other bands, or people working in shops and people who come out to the shows, everyone is so much easier to talk to than other places I’ve been to. I really like that.”

As well as the people, Andrew also likes Canberra, but he remembers the Adelaide gig fondly.

“I really like Brisbane and Melbourne, and I say Brisbane because I have friends there. Well, I had friends there, but they all moved to Melbourne. But I also really like Canberra; it reminds me of places I’ve been. It’s like Washington DC, because it’s so open. We went there when it was coming into your Autumn and the trees were turning and I really liked it. Whenever I say that to people, they say ‘Why?’ but I really like it!” he says.

“We played in Adelaide on our second tour, but we came in, played the show and pretty much had to leave straight after, which was a shame. It was a great show. I remember it being at the top of a venue at a bar, and it was a really intense show. it sticks out as being a great show.”

Playing at Fowlers Live on May 30, Basement have chosen a local band, Hindsight, to support, followed by tour openers Turnover and Break Even.

“The local supports, we chose from a list, which was cool. It meant we were able to get local bands involved. Turnover we toured with before. They’re a band we’re really into and we’re excited about playing with them again. I have a weird connection with Break Even. The first tour I did in 2009 or 10, a friend of mine who is Australian was talking about this band Break Even and everyone was talking about how cool they are and how they needed to come over from Europe and I started really getting in to them,” Andrew says.

“I strangely managed to avoid meeting any of them, even though we stayed in one of their houses on one of the tours. And now one of my friends is playing in them, so it’s a weird connection. I’m really happy to have them on the tour and meeting them properly.”

12144907_10153303237037989_1346170990666779311_nTheir new and much anticipated album Promise Everything was released on January 29.

Andrew says a stand out track for him is the title track, which wasn’t always as good as it is now.

“The title track is definitely my favourite to play live. Alex wrote the majority of that one himself and sent it over, and I really liked the chords in the song. I learned it and brought it to everyone in the practice room. As soon as we started playing it, we really didn’t like it. We weren’t playing it right and it sounded too raw and punk, and we didn’t think it would work,” he says.

“Then when Alex was back with us, he said, ‘You’ve got to play it like this’ and then it really clicked. It was really something great. It’s my favourite and it’s funny to think that a year and a half ago, it really didn’t feel good to play. It also translates live really well. Everyone gets into it.”

You can catch Basement playing Promise Everything live at Fowlers Live on May 30 with tickets through OzTix.

By Libby Parker