Adelaide Americana/alt country singer and songwriter, Tara Carragher has been trekking around Australia sharing her music on a national tour.

Kicking off Victoria, she has visited capital cities and regional centres since the tour began at the start of May, and she will wrap up at the Wheaty on Friday, June 3.

Having covered a lot of ground so far, Tara says she has been enjoying the sights and sounds this wide, brown land has to offer.

“It’s been lovely to get out and see more of Australia and meet so many new people. I’m in Bellingen, NSW, at the moment and it’s beautiful and warm, but I don’t know about a favourite spot. Wherever there’s a venue with people who are keen to hear music is ok with me,” she says.

The unique decision to visit regional centres was one Tara made based on a desire to reach as many people as possible with her music, despite the geographical distance.

“I like being able to connect with as many people as I can,” she says. “So playing anywhere and everywhere is part of that for me. Travel and music go hand in hand and I’m lucky that being a musician has taken me to so many different places.”

Following up her recent album, All the Wandering, with the EP Wicked World, which is the basis of her tour, was a cathartic musical experience, which represents a difficult chapter in Tara’s life.

“The songs on the EP represent a very turbulent time in my life, my dad became ill and my whole life changed. It made me re-evaluate everything I knew. So, it seemed natural to me to group these songs together under the banner of Wicked World and almost put a full stop on that phase of my life,” she says.

“My band (Richard Coates, Mark Seddon and Gilli Atkinson) and I went down to My Sweet Mule, which is Chris Parkinson of The Yearlings’ studio, and we recorded most of it live in one session. I’m fortunate to have such great musicians who, along with Chris, took my songs to better places than I could have imagined. Also guesting on the EP is Chris Soole on Sax and CR Humphrey from Old Gray Mule.”

Playing the songs on the EP around the country, as well as her back catalogue has put up somewhat of a mirror to Tara’s songwriting, which she explains has been a learning experience.

“The tracks from the EP are the best received live because they’re the most honest. I think I’ve been guilty of holding back in my writing a little before and with recent events in my life, I’ve learned to let go of that,” she says.


Heading back to Adelaide to play these tracks to her home crowd at one of her favourite venues is something Tara is really looking forward to, and she can’t wait to celebrate with us.

“I love the Wheaty! The sound is always fantastic, the stage is great and the audiences are really into their music. I’ll be joined by the band for that gig, which is always fun, and also playing is the incredible Kelly Menhennett and Doctor DeSoto, so I’m really looking forward to seeing them too,” she says.

“Snooks LaVie will also be getting up to play some harmonica on a few tunes. It’ll be the last stop of my EP tour so I’ll be ready to celebrate getting the new music out there!”

Described as an Americana artist, Tara says that while she’s been influenced by the American music scene, a wide range of international and home grown artists have helped shape her sound.

“I remember really getting into the whole singer songwriter thing when I heard Bob Dylan and Lucinda Williams and those kind of songwriters,” she says. “They’ve certainly had an influence on me, though equally the same can be said for Billy Bragg or Neil Young. In the end I’m drawn to songwriters who are brave and tell a great story while exploring ideas more than more than music from a particular place or genre.”

You can catch Tara Carragher on the last date of her Australian tour at The Wheatsheaf Hotel on Friday June 3, with tickets through MoshTix.

By Libby Parker
Photo pilfered from Facebook