The Redhead Cabaret is sexy, humorous and highly entertaining burlesque, just what the Cabaret Fringe should be. These ladies are skilled performers, but it’s their cheeky sense of humour that delivers a standout show. If blondes have more fun, they show us that redheads have even better fun.

While ginger pride is the flavour of the show, the performers are also not afraid to have a little fun at their own expense. The first act is a good example of this, where suggestive use of sunscreen highlights one area where redheads don’t have much fun, needing to protect themselves from the sun. The routines that follow vary between comic farce, striptease and some slightly more serious dance. And, as you might expect, there’s a healthy dose of audience participation.

RedheadAll four of the burlesque performers are highly skilled and engaging. The star of the show is the diminutive Porcelain LaBon, who exudes massive stage presence, despite her petite frame. With her expressive face and a cheeky sense of fun, LaBon consistently commands attention on the stage.

The burlesque numbers are broken up with songs and introductions by compere, Miss Demeanour. Naturally, the tunes come from famous redheads, including Tori Amos, Florence Welch and Tim Minchin. She is a talented pianist but her voice occasionally fallsĀ  flat when trying to cover this demanding vocal material. Her pleasant stage persona would also be enhanced with a little less reading from her iPad prompt.

The Redhead Cabaret is a fantastic night out best enjoyed with a glass of wine in hand (red of course), but with the final performance this evening, get in quick to catch it!

4 stars

Reviewed by Matthew Trainor