If you’re one of those people, like me, who is totally useless at quiz nights until it gets to the music and entertainment sections (after which you return to quietly scoffing all the cheese and biscuits and quaffing the wine), then Geek Pop Quiz is the quiz for you.

Michael Hill, Denis Surmon and Paul Garner are three-piece band, Pan!c, and they are your geeky quiz masters for the evening.

But this quiz does not involve pens, paper or robust dialogue with team mates, and it doesn’t drag on until you’re seeing double and can’t remember as far back as round one.

Geek Pop Quiz is a highly entertaining, fast paced, hilarious hour of quirky questions with musical prompts, cheeky clues and obscure references.

It’s one for the music experts, music lovers, or just people who want a completely unique cabaret experience.

The musicians work well together, providing some stunning three-part harmonies, complementing each other comically and working well with the audience.

Each team, or table, gets a squeaky toy as a ‘buzzer’ and the band play fragments of songs that we can guess for points; there’s also some dancing and singing games, as well as a fast money section (without the money).

At the end, the winning table get a novelty prize, but everyone goes home a winner with sore cheeks from smiling and the knowledge that, even if you couldn’t answer a single question, you’ve been thoroughly entertained.

La Boheme is the perfect venue for the Geek Pop quiz due to its size and warmth, and the excellent bar staff keep you well hydrated with liquid courage for any challenges involving dancing or singing.

There’s only one show left on the 17th so grab a couple of friends, buy your tickets and start your night with a hilarious and geeky pop quiz. You won’t regret it.

4.5 stars (0.5 stars were lost due to the scoring texta running out of ink)

Reviewed by Libby Parker